Business-to-Business Marketing

Semester Fall
Type Compulsory Lecture
Hours/week 1
ECTS Credits 2
Assesment Written Exam (100%)
Language English
Contact Yasid Soufi, M. Sc.
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Florian Kraus
Timetable 15.10, 22.10, 29.10.2021

Kick Off Date 15.10.2021

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Room BWL ZOOM 03
Exam Date tba
Short Description In many industries (e.g. consumer goods, retail, metalworking industry) an essential part of transactions is done between companies and organizational clients (also companies or public sector institutions). This lecture deals with the central characteristics of business-to-business markets and their consequences for marketing.
Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, students should be able to adapt marketing strategy, concepts and instruments to business-to-business environments.
Course Outline 1. Characterization of Business-to-Business Marketing
2. Buying Behavior of Organizations
3. Configuration of Marketing Mix for Business-to-Business Markets
Course Material tba

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