Nele Lüker

Wissenschaft­liche Mitarbeiterin und Doktorandin
Universität Mannheim
L 15, 1-6
5. OG – Raum 522
68161 Mannheim
Tel.: +49 (0) 621 181-1668
Fax: +49 (0) 621 181-1692
E-Mail: lueker(at)
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  • Digital platforms and markets
  • Platform governance
  • Integrated Information Systems
    Bachelor-Ebene, Übung
    Frühjahr/Sommer 2016-2018
  • Integrated Information Systems
    Bachelor-Ebene, Übung
    Herbst/Winter 2015-2017


2015 - present Research Assistant
PhD Studies in Information Systems
2012 - 2015 University of Mannheim
M.Sc. in Manangement
2012 - 2015 Copenhagen Business School
M.Sc. in Business Administration and Information Systems

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Talks und Präsentationen

  • 16th ZEW Conference on Information and Communication Technologies, Mannheim, Germany
    Lueker, N., Foerderer, J. and Heinzl, A. (forthcoming): " Superstar Complementors: Does High Status Discourage Innovation in Platform Ecosystems?“
  • Research Colloquium, Frankfurt School of Finance
    Lueker, N., Foerderer, J. and Heinzl, A. (2018): „Orchestrating Complementary Innovation: Evidence from the Google Play Awards“
  • Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS) Workshop, Seoul, South Korea
    Lueker, N. and Foerderer, J. (2017):„Orchestrating Complementary Innovation: The Role of Governance Signals“
  • Pacific-Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), Chiayi, Taiwan
    Lueker, N., Winkler, T., and Kude, Thomas (2016): „IT Consumerization and Compliant Use: Do Policies Matter?“

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