New module as part of the „Global Innovation Challenge“ (M.Sc.)

The Global Innovation Challenge offers MMM students an exceptional opportunity to study in an international environment and gain practical experience with companies.

We look forward to our new course „OPM 693 Sourcing Excellence“ offered in June 2021 as part of the Global Innovation Program.

Purchasing used to be a function with a mere „cost cutting“ focus, but it can – and should – do much more and support businesses' competitive advantage. Organizations that excel in managing their external resource provisions can tackle supply disruptions, sustainability issues, innovation and technology shifts, and globalization without sacrifices in terms of costs, quality, or service. This, however, requires a good understanding of internal needs and supply market capabilities, proper sourcing tools and negotiation tactics, and sound exchange relations­hips between external providers and internal functions. OPM 693 focusses specifically on how to achieve excellence in these domains and does so in a highly integrated fashion with practical project work.

Please note that, due to Covid-19 and the shifted semester schedule in 2021, this module's schedule will overlap with parts of the examination period of the spring semester 2021 in Mannheim. The module's time frame (June-19 – July-02, 2021) cannot be changed, but we will do every thing possible to accommodate the individual exam schedule of our participants.

The Global Innovation Challenge (GIC) is a cooperative initiative of the International Business School Network (IBSnet). Mannheim is a founding member of the initiative and has been part of the network of international oriented Business Schools since 2008.