Photo credit: Lilli Zahn

Teaching Award of the BWL Student Committee for Prof. Dr. Oliver Spalt

In recognition of excellent teaching and outstanding commitment, Prof. Dr. Oliver Spalt received the teaching award of the BWL student committee for the HWS 2021/22 and the FSS 2022.

Every year, the BWL student committee awards the student committee teaching prize in recognition of outstanding teaching and outstanding commitment to the interests of the students. This year, the majority of the BWL students, represented by the BWL student committee, voted in favour of Prof. Dr. Oliver Spalt. They thanked Prof. Spalt especially for his extraordinary commitment to teaching. His enthusiasm for the content taught and his positive approach to students' questions and concerns were highlighted. Prof. Spalt also distinguished himself through the early and proactive use of alternative teaching methods. He is delighted about the teaching award: “I would like to sincerely thank the students for this valuable award, which means a lot to me.”