Campus Life

The Mannheim “Schloss”, that combines baroque style on the outside with modern equipment on the inside, is besides the outstanding teaching offer by far not the only argument for studying Business Administration in Mannheim. Student initiatives, innovative events and a diverse offer of leisure activities distinguish the life on and around the Mannheim campus. 

The campus

Centrally located at the upper side of the Mannheim “Squares” lies the Mannheim “Schloss”. Serving today as the home of the University of Mannheim, the baroque palace carries a 300-year old history and presents a truly impressive setting for your studies. On the inside, the castle offers large and bright spaces that are modernly equipped and designed. Furthermore, the campus is the location for numerous events, such as the weekly “Schneckenhof” parties, the castle festival and several concerts, at which students cannot only celebrate, but also network. 

The city

Mannheim is not only a city, but also forms part of the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar area. In terms of culture, the area has a lot to offer with its concerts, museums and theaters. But the Rhine-Neckar area also is an excellent location from an economic viewpoint. Home to several multinational companies from different industries, the area has also attracted foreign companies that have opened an office in and around Mannheim.

Campus Life


Whether it’s soccer, volleyball, tennis or yoga – the diverse sports program offers something for everyone.

Art and culture

Numerous museums, exhibitions and theaters located closely to the campus, provide the perfect balance between leisure and study. 

Food and housing

Good housing and food also form an important part of student life. The University of Mannheim can score points with both.


Numerous social events, which are organized by students, companies or the university invite to enjoy and network.

Student initiatives

Economy, social projects and inter-culturalism: Besides practical experience, student initiatives also provide the opportunity to network with fellow students, as well as companies. Many business students are active in one or more of the numerous student initiatives at the University of Mannheim. The large variety provides the right engagement for everyone. Here you can find interviews with representatives of selected initiatives with an economic focus.


Student Committee

[Englisch] Fachschaft

For business administration

The business administration student committee is the right place for everyone, who wants to advocate for the interests of their fellow students. The student council does not only represent the student body in university affairs, but also offers numerous services and events for students at the Business School. 

For economic and business education

Students in the economic and business education programs are represented the economic and business education student committee. Next to study-based contents, the planning and organizing of events and lectures are also listed on the student council’s agenda.

Uni-Cleverlinge – Heroes, how children need them!

Educational opportunities still depend to a great extent on the educational biography of the own family. If parents went to a secondary school, the chance that their children will also attend such a school is six times higher. Other children, however, struggle to reach a secondary school diploma. This makes it very important to support children in primary school individually and continuously. For this reason, the Kinderhelden gGmbH, the Mannheim Mozart School and the University of Mannheim Business School have teamed up to create a special project: A group of 40 children in the third and fourth grade, before the transition to secondary school, is supported by a learning guide.

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