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Important remark

The application and selection process is assessed by our selection committee. The following information is intended to help you gain a clear understanding of the selection process. Only the content of the selection statutes is legally binding.

Your next opportunity to apply is expected to be from 1 April to 15 May 2025 for the following fall semester. However, we do reserve the right to make changes. Consequently, please remember to regularly check the website of the admissions office for any changes.

The 2024 application period is already over. Letters of admission or rejection will be sent out as soon as we have reviewed all applications and build the ranking, i.e. end of June. You can find the latest information in the Admissions Office's Dispatch Schedule for Official Notifications.


Admission requirements

You must meet all the listed requirements in order for your application to be considered. Applications that do not meet all the stated requirements will not be considered in the selection process!

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 180 ECTS or 3 years of study (please contact the admissions office for questions regarding foreign degrees)
  • Knowledge of pure business administration amounting to at least 36 ECTS from a recognized university
  • Confirmation of C1-level English language skills
  • ONLY for applications for the German-English track: Confirmation of C1-level German language skills

Selection criteria

If you meet all admission requirements, we will evaluate your application according to precisely defined selection criteria. Only the criteria listed below will be rated in the selection process. The position in the ranking will determine who is admitted. If you do not meet a selection criterion, you will not receive any points for it, but you will still participate in the selection process.

  • Final grade of the initial degree (max. 60 points)
  • GMAT Focus Score of at least 555 points, GMAT Score of at least 600 points, or equivalent GRE score (max. 60 points)
  • Semester or study program abroad (22 points)
  • Prior study-relevant experience such as work experience, internships etc. (max 6 points)

FAQ Admission Requirements

Bachelor's degree, previous knowledge of business administration, language certificates

FAQ Selection Criteria

Bachelors grade, GMAT/GRE, semester abroad, practical experience

  • How many points will I receive for my bachelor’s grade?

    Bachelor’s grade (German grading system)
































































  • My certificate does not show my average grade. How can I calculate it?

    If your university does not state the average grade in your certificate, we will calculate the grade through the documents you have handed in after we have received them.

  • I did not complete my bachelor’s degree in Germany. How will my grade be assessed?

    International grades will be recalculated into the German grade system using the standardized “Modified Bavarian Formular”. You will not have to do this yourself. If the grades in your transcript of records differ from the German system, please upload information on the corresponding grading system. Details about the grading system can often be found on the back of the transcript of records. In order to calculate what your German grade would be, we will need to know what the highest possible grade and the lowest passing grade in your university is. Please take note of the country-specific information provided by the admissions office

  • What happens if my average grade changes after the end of the application period, e.g. because the grade of my bachelor’s thesis is added to it?

    During the selection process, only the average grade which is specified in your transcript of records is of importance. If your grade improves or worsens, the results of your application will not change. In the event of an acceptance, you will have to submit your bachelor’s certificate by mid-October, to prove that you did indeed graduate. Your grade at that time, however, is irrelevant.

  • Do I need to pass the GMAT/GRE?

    The GMAT and GRE are not admissions requirements. You can apply without having passed the tests. However, the GMAT test score is an important part of the selection criteria for the MMM. You will receive ranking points if your GMAT Focus score is above 555 or your GMAT score (old version) above 600 points.  A good test score can considerably increase your chances of being accepted. In addition to the GMAT, you may also submit an equivalent GRE score. Information on the conversion of your GRE scores into an equivalent GMAT score (older version) can be found here.

    GMAT, GMAT Focus, and GRE are recognized equally by us. It does not matter for your application chances which of the tests you submit. For all tests we equally accept the on-side as well as the home edition.

  • How can I verify the results of my GMAT or GRE score?

    Once you have finished your test, you can select specific universities and schools to which your results will be sent. Sending the results usually takes 7 days, however, it can sometimes take up to 20 days for them to arrive. Please keep in mind that the results must have arrived here by the end of the application period, on 15 May, to be considered. We only accept electronically submitted Official Score Reports directly from the test provider. Preliminary copies, photos or the “Unofficial Score Report”, which you will receive on the day of the test, are not accepted. So remember to include enough time for the results to be sent. Your test results will be valid for 5 years.

    Test-Codes for the MMM: GMAT: VLC-95-04 / GRE: 2620

  • How many ranking-points will I earn form my GMAT/GRE- results?

    GMAT (older version)

    GMAT test result (older version)

    Ranking points

    from 730


    from 720


    from 710


    from 700


    from 690


    from 680


    from 670


    from 660


    from 650


    from 640


    from 630


    from 620


    from 610


    from 600


    GMAT Focus

     GMAT Focus test result

    Ranking points

    from 685


    from 675


    from 665


    from 655


    from 645


    from 635


    from 625


    from 615


    from 605


    from 595


    from 585


    from 575


    from 565


    from 555



    Information on the conversion of your GRE-scores into an equivalent GMAT-score can be found here.

  • Which parts of the GMAT will be assessed for the MMM application?

    Only the total score is relevant for your MMM application.

  • How do you define a semester or study program abroad?

    Your semester or studies abroad will be considered if you have proof of receiving credits from a recognized university that is located in a different country than the one you completed your highest school degree in. This also applies if you graduated from school abroad and studied in Germany.

  • How many courses should I have attended abroad? Do they have to involve business administration?

    You need to have passed at least one course abroad. The course content, scope and grade do not matter.

  • Do internships abroad, high school exchanges or other stays abroad like work & travel count as study abroad?

    No, only academic stays abroad will be considered. You need to have been enrolled at a university abroad for the selection criteria to apply. Internships, high school exchanges, work & travel or summer schools usually do not meet this criterion.

  • How do I provide proof of a semester or study abroad?

    Please upload the transcript of records from your host university as proof. This shows us that you were enrolled at a foreign university and that you passed at least one course there.  You can find further information here.

    If you have completed an entire course of study abroad, be sure to upload your university entrance qualification in addition to your transcript of records so that we can establish that your high school graduation and course of study took place in different countries.

  • How will I receive points for practical experience?

    You will receive points if your experience was related to or in the field of business administration. The length of your experience must correspond to at least one month of full time work, that is at least 158 hours (39,5 h * 4 weeks = 158 hours). The minimum amount of hours can also, of course, have been acquired over a wider timeframe, e.g. if you worked part-time for several months.

  • How will prior practical experience be rated?

    For every practical experience, you will receive 2 ranking-points. For completed professional training or dual studies, you will receive 4 ranking-points. In total, you can reach a maximum of 6 points.

  • How can I prove my practical experience?

    The easiest way would be to ask your employer to fill out and sign the form provided by the admissions office. Alternatively, you could also submit confirmation from the employer (such as an internship certificate) if it clearly states the duration (beginning, end and weekly hours) of your employment. You can find further information here

  • I am self-employed. How can I prove my practical experience?

    In order to prove that you are self-employed, your business license is not enough. It must be made clear that the business is “active”. Applicants can prove this by, for example, submitting an income statement or a profit and loss account.

  • My internship will not be completed until after the end of the application period. Will this still count?

    We can only consider the time that you will have actually worked until the time of the application deadline. Work that you will complete “in the future” cannot be considered. In case your internship is still ongoing, you can fill out the form provided by the admissions office or submit an interim employment reference. Salary statements are not required if your interim reference indicates when you began the internship. Salary statements along with a work contract can be considered as a confirmation for practical experience.

Questions concerning the application process

Deadlines, documents, chances

  • When can I apply for the MMM?

    You can apply once a year, in spring, for the following fall semester. An application for the spring semester is not possible. The application deadline for 2024 has already passed. Your next opportunity to apply is expected to be from 1 April to 15 May 2025 for the following fall semester. However, we do reserve the right to make changes. Consequently, please remember to regularly check the website of the admissions office for any changes.

  • How can I apply?

    The application is done exclusively online, directly through our application portal. Please do not send any documents via post. The admissions office of the University of Mannheim is responsible for the application portal and the inspection of your application. Please take note of the information provided on their website and directly contact the office’s team if you have any further questions.

  • Which documents are required for the application?

    Please check the information on the website of the admissions office.

  • Can I apply for the German-English and the English track at the same time?

    No, it is not possible to apply for both tracks at the same time. When applying, you must make a binding decision for one track. It is not possible to change at a later date. 

  • Does it matter when I send in my application?

    No, it is irrelevant for your chances of admission when you send us your application, as long as it is within the application period. However, we recommend that you send your application as early as possible in the application period. If your application goes through our review process before the application deadline (May 15) and is provisionally rejected due to missing or incorrect documents, you may still have the opportunity to withdraw your application and submit a new one. However, you are not entitled to have your documents checked before the application deadline.

  • When will I receive the results of my application?

    Generally, you will be informed of your admissions status 4 to 6 weeks after the end of the application period through the application portal. If your application did not meet all of the requirements and was thus not considered, you can be notified earlier. We can only inform you of your admission or rejection once we have looked over every application and established our ranking. That means you will not be informed earlier even if you applied early, as all applications will be directly compared.

  • Can I submit a letter of recommendation or motivational letter to increase my chances of being accepted?

    No, please only hand in the documents specified for the application. Additional documents, such as letters of recommendation or motivational letters, will not be taken into consideration. You can find an overview of the required documents with many helpful tips on the website of the admissions office.

  • How high are my chances of being accepted to the MMM?

    Every year, we have around 400 places for the MMM. The exact amount of places is decided by the State of Baden-Württemberg. There is no minimal amount of points you need to achieve in the ranking. We directly compare applicants according to their ranking-points and only admit the best applicants. For the ranking, only the stated criteria from the selection statutes (final grade, GMAT or GRE, study abroad and practical experience) are taken into consideration. Please keep in mind that the University of Mannheim is one of the best Business Schools in Germany and high grades in your bachelor’s degree are expected. As the quantity and quality of applications varies from year to year, your individual chances for admission cannot be assessed. Your chances depend on your fellow applicants. Please understand that we cannot publish the results from previous years for this reason.

  • Can I submit a confirmation after the application deadline?

    Only your English language confirmation and your bachelor’s certificate can be submitted after the application deadline (15 May). In the case of your admission, you will be required to show the documents by a certain deadline, otherwise your admission will be revoked. The documents that are relevant for the ranking (GMAT/GRE-results, study abroad, practical experience and the Transcript of Records) must be submitted by the end of the application period to be considered, as we immediately begin with the ranking. Please remember that, for reasons of equality and in order to send out the results as fast as possible, we do not make any exceptions to the rules.

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