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Courses and Degree Planning

  • Module Catalog

    The module catalog gives you an overview of the course offer and its content and lets you choose which courses you would like to attend.

  • Course Registration

    To register for master-level courses with a limited number of participants, you must register within the registration period. “First-come-first-served” does not apply here! Places will be assigned randomly, through a lottery draw!

    Please register for all courses directly in the student portal. To do this, you must first sign into Portal². There you will find the study planner, where you can search for the course you would like to register for. Once you have found the course in the study planner, click on the “Register” button to apply. Following your registration for the course, the status “Registered” will be displayed on your screen. After the application deadline is over, your status will either change to “Admitted”, if you have managed to get a place in the course, or to “Rejected” if you did not get a place in the course. The assignment of places in the course is exclusively decided by a lottery draw. If you are “Admitted” to the course but do not want to accept the place, please remember to “De-register” to give others the opportunity to take over your place and move up into the course. If your application was rejected, please remember to regularly check the status of your application in Portal² as you could move up in the application wait-list. If you are moved up into the course, your status will change to “Admitted”. If you are no longer interested in the course place, please use the “De-register” button.

    Please note: Please be fair and make use of the opportunity to de-register to give other students the chance to take your place if you are no longer interested in it! If sought-after places remain empty by the end of the application period, it will benefit no one!

  • Seminar

    During your studies, you must attend at least one seminar (a module with a course code in the 700s). Each area offers multiple seminars. It is often recommended to attend the seminar of the specific chair at which you would also like to write your master’s thesis. Further information about seminars can be found in the module catalog. 

  • The MMM-Elective

    The MMM-elective provides you with an opportunity to attend seminars or lectures of other faculties and to extend your knowledge. All electives and their corresponding lectures can be found in the module catalog. To register for the exams, please write an e-mail to Ms. Walther at student services:

    Please make sure to follow the set rules of the module catalog. Electives that are not completed precisely according to the rules cannot be credited towards your degree. If you would like to drop an elective, you must make up the missing ECTS in the field of business administration. For further questions, please contact your program manager Julia Dreisbach.

  • Study Abroad Options

    During the MMM, there are multiple options to gain experience studying abroad. You could apply for one of our double degree programs, or plan a semester abroad at one of our many partner schools. At the very start of your first semester, the Business School’s International Team will offer multiple info sessions since you will need to apply within your first semester. Please check our website to read up on the different options as early as possible!

  • Honors Program

    During their studies, students studying in the Bachelor of Business Administration or in the Mannheim Master in Management will have the opportunity to take part in the “Honors Program”.  The “Honors Program” is an offer for exceptionally high-performing students of either study program. The possibility for application is exclusive to students who receive a formal invitation to do so by the Dean of the Business School. It gives the selected students the opportunity to participate in additional events, aimed at further enhancing their personal development and leadership skills. Creating networks among other participants of the events as well as establishing contact with company leaders in the German economy are also valuable benefits. Further information can be found on our website.

  • Portal²

    Through our online campus management system “Portal²”, you can view the course catalog and create your very own online schedule. Moreover, you can register and de-register for exams, look up information on exams or review the current status of your grades.


    ILIAS is the e-learning-platform of the University of Mannheim. It gives you access to all documents that are relevant for your courses, such as slides, videos or secondary literature. You can also contact lecturers and fellow students via ILIAS.

Everything you need to know about your exams

  • Student Services

    Student services handles the exam scheduling. Exam dates will be coordinated, so that they will not overlap. You can register for exams via Portalbut if you have any problems with exam registration, please feel free to contact Ms. Walther (

  • What to do when you are ill?

    If you are unable to take an exam due to an illness, you must submit a doctor’s certificate and the form “request for de-registration from an exam due to valid reasons” without delay to the appropriate student service representatives. “Without delay” means without deliberate hesitation and at the earliest possible time.

  • Exam Registration


    You must register for all your exams. The registration for the first attempt of an exam must be done independently by all students within the application period on Portal².

    Change in registration:

    Students may switch the dates of their exams until three days before the exam date from the first attempt to the second attempt or vice versa through Portal², given it is possible to register for the second date.


    You can de-register from an exam without giving a valid reason until up to 3 days prior to an exam date. If the exam date is not specified in Portal² or the course does not have a final written examination, and a de-registration is still possible, the deadline will generally be 27 May 2023. We can only de-register you from the examination if you have not already taken or are not currently taking individual examinations that belong to the module. For the de-registration you must file a corresponding application at student services. You can find further information concerning exam registration, changes in registration late registration on the website of student services. Here you can also find notes on re-sitting exam and changing modules.

  • Examination Committee

    The Examination Committee will assist you with all your questions about exam regulations. It is also responsible for the recognition of study and examination credits and makes decisions on deadline extensions. There is further information on the website of the Examination Committee of the Business School. On the website, you can also book appointments for online consultations if you have questions regarding examination regulations, degree planning, orientation examinations, examination deadlines, credit recognition from study abroad, credit recognition in the event of a change of university or course of study and booking UWE (university-wide elective) courses.

  • Examination Regulations

    The examination regulations inform you of which achievements are required of you during your studies. Furthermore, it contains information on exam deadlines, repetition conditions and more.

  • Learning and Study Techniques

    Actively designing your learning environment and good self-management help you to have less stress during your studies. The University of Mannheim has compiled various (online) courses, which you can attend at any time. You will find courses on the topics of self-management, efficient learning, research and scientific writing. Click on the link below to access the wide range of courses.


  • Number of ECTS

    To get your Master's degree, you need at least 120 ECTS. If exceed the 120 ECTS with your last exam, this exam will still be completely included in the grade calculation and it may happen that you then graduate for example with 122 ECTS. Once you have reached the required ECTS, it is no longer possible to register for exams.

  • Master's Thesis

    To successfully complete your degree in the Mannheim Master in Management, you must write your own master’s thesis. Students will independently work on a selected subject in the field of business administration. Through their thesis students should prove their capability in solving a problem independently using scientific methods within a limited time frame. The successful completion of the master’s thesis will be credited with 24 ECTS and the time given for the task will be twenty weeks. The requirements for the preparation of a master’s thesis at the various department chairs can be found inside the module catalog, more specifically at the end of the module catalog. On the different chairs’ websites, you can also find specific information about your thesis, possible subjects of your thesis and the registration of your thesis.

  • Graduation Diplomas

    After successfully completing your degree, you will receive your graduation documents. These graduation documents include a certificate, a transcript and a diploma supplement. Further information is available on the website of student services.

  • Graduation Ceremony

    This year’s MMM graduation ceremony will take place on 29 July 2023. Invitations with all the necessary information on registration will be sent via e-mail to all graduates that are still enrolled and via post to all graduates that have already dis-enrolled. Information on the graduation ceremonies of the Business School can be found on our website.

Consultation Services

  • Program Management

    Julia Dreisbach, the program manager, can assist you with any question you might have regarding the MMM degree. If you have any questions regarding the organisation of your degree or your course selection, please write an e-mail (!

    You can also arrange an appointment for a consultation.

  • Examination Committee

    Filomena Saia-Merkel will act as your contact person concerning questions and problems related to credit recognition from studies abroad or from other German universities, withdrawal from exams and contradictions surrounding the decisions on exams. You can reach her via E-Mail ( or arrange an appointment.

  • Student Services

    For questions regarding exam registration and de-registration, withdrawal from exams or a possible academic leave of absence, please directly contact the student services office. It will also help you with the topics: dis-enrollment, contributions and fees, parallel studies, formalities and other special circumstances or situations that may affect your studies.

    You can contact Julia Walther via e-mail:

    Further information on the above topics can be found on the website.

  • Questions related to Study Abroad Options

    You can find an overview of the most important contact persons for questions regarding the various options for studying abroad here:

    Double Degrees:
    Katharina Dröghoff

    Exchange semester and special programs:
    Annabel Müller

    Janna Ried

    European Management Track (EMT)
    Jennifer Thum

  • International Degree-Seeking Students

    All important information, such as events and other special offers for full-time international students is summarized on the website. For questions, please contact the international team via e-mail (

  • Business School Student Council

    The student council acts as representatives for students, can help you with questions about your degree and organizes fun events such as the legendary business administration “Schneckenhof party”. It can also help with any questions you may have regarding the MMM!


  • Psychological Counseling Service

    The Studierendenwerk Mannheim has been offering psychological counseling services for over 40 years now. Students can make use of various types of guidance, counseling services and coaching. Additionally, short-term therapy and crisis intervention is offered. Information on the complete service offer and process can be found on the website of the psychological counseling service.

    The Psychological Counseling also offers a free e-learning course on “Self-regulated learning” every semester. By clicking the link below you can find out more about the course and how to participate in it.

  • Institut of Sports

    As a student of the University of Mannheim, you can take advantage of the large number of different sports activities offered by the Institute of Sports. Sport doesn’t just play an important role in physical health but can also boost your mood. After an exhausting day of learning, you could, for example, take a yoga class to relax or distract yourself with an intense boxing session. You can find everything you need to know about the sport program on the website of the Institute of Sports.

  • Mindful Study Week

    The mindful study week offers a wide range of events on mindful studying and learning. During the week, multiple courses will be held on different topics such as stress management or mindfulness.

  • Food and Drink

    So you do not have to study on an empty stomach, the canteens and cafeterias are the best places to go to get an inexpensive breakfast, lunch or snack. Every day, the main cafeteria “Mensa am Schloss” offers at least two freshly prepared menus, which only cost 3€. Beside the two menus there are also many other options to re-energize yourself for your next lectures. There is an overview of all dining plans, all canteens and cafeterias on the website of the student services office Mannheim.

  • Course Offer of the University Library

    The university library offers many courses and tutorials on diverse topics. Through them, you could, for example, further educate yourself in the field of academic working and learning. Writing a seminar paper or thesis can often be a stressful and daunting task. With the tips and tricks you will learn there, however, it can make it much easier. That is why the university library offers courses for the introduction to academic literature research or in the field of mindful studying. Proper citation and tips for writing a term paper will also be taught throughout the courses. You can find the current course offer on the website of the university library.

  • Friends for Life

    The student council  organizes many different events for MMM students. Through these events you can get to know your fellow students better, get in touch with them and maybe make some friends for life. You can find information about the different events on the student council's instagram page. There are also WhatsApp groups, which are maintained by the student council. These also allow you to network with your fellow students and stay up to date.

    Please contact the student council for more information.

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