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Equality and family-friendliness

The Business School supports the representation of women on all scientific career stages every day, because the number of women in science is still decreasing with an increasing level of qualification. Therefore, existing scientific potential often remains unused. Even though we have already achieved great success, e.g. 50% of female students in our Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, we will not cease in our efforts to achieve the same success in higher qualification levels, too.

Career in science

The Business School and in particular its Equal Opportunity Administrator and Equal Opportunity Advisor want to support female students and doctoral candidates on their scientific career. We would like to offer interested and qualified female applicants long-term perspectives in business research, especially in the transition to the next qualification level - studies/doctorate and doctorate/habilitation - by providing advice and financial support. The offers and measures include: 

  • PhD Consulting.
  • Scholarship programs, for female scientists with children.
  • Targeted approach of qualified female students to stimulate applications.
  • Research promotion funds to stimulate female students' doctoral projects.*
  • Bridge financing for young female scientists at the University of Mannheim.
  • “Research fund” for female doctoral students: financial support in the form of auxiliary resources, resources for empirical studies, etc.*

(*Allocation is carried out by the Dean's Office on request of the Chairs)

Family-friendly university

As a part of the certified “Family-friendly University”, the Business School supports all students and members of the Business School to reconcile family and study or professional life as best as possible. The offers include:

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals and to create a family-friendly work atmosphere, the Business School and the Equal Opportunity Administrators work together with the Equal Opportunity Office of the University.

Prof. Dr. Carmela Aprea

Prof. Dr. Carmela Aprea

Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the Business School
University of Mannheim
L 4, 1
68161 Mannheim
Laura Margara, M.A.

Laura Margara, M.A.

Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the Dean’s Office
At the moment, I can’t be reached via phone. Please contact me via email.
University of Mannheim
Dean's Office Business School
L 5, 5 – Room 001
68161 Mannheim