Research at the Business School of the University of Mannheim

What is unique about Mannheim is our clear focus on research. We are convinced that a dynamic research environment is indispensable for excellent study conditions - because in our opinion, state-of-the-art teaching is impossible without a profound and sound research background.

Our Business School is known for its excellent research records. It offers ideal working conditions for  resident academics as well as for international guest professors, who visit our school for research and teaching projects. Hence, it comes as no surprise that our School is regularly acknowledged for its outstanding research achievements by media rankings and other institutions.

During an academic year, our faculty produces a substantial amount of research contributions, among others on average:

  • 130 journal articles
  • 80 conference visits
  • 25 book (co-) authorships.

The faculty has received more than 40 best paper awards and is involved in more than 100 ongoing research projects.

In the area sections provided, you will find a selection of the chair's research output of the last five years. If you wish to find the comprehensive intellectual contributions of the faculty, please visit

Mannheim Business Research Insights: das Forschungsmagazin der Fakultät BWL