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Connection through languages

Learn and improve foreign languages while studying business administration

In addition to business theory, foreign languages are also a central part of our curricula. Languages open the doors to foreign cultures, promote tolerance and looking beyond your own studies. They are the first step of your international career ladder.

For this reason, we already offer a large number of English lectures and courses in our Bachelor and Master degree programs. The Mannheim Master in Business Research is taught completely in English and in the Mannheim Master in Management you can apply for the “English Track”. This also makes our degree programs attractive for the high number of international students coming to Mannheim every semester.

Foreign language skills in the Bachelor's program Business Administration

During the first semester of the Bachelor's degree program Business Administration, you choose one of the following foreign languages and learn or improve it for two semesters in the course “Foreign language skills”:

  • Chinese
  • English*1  
  • French*2  
  • Italian*2
  • Japanese
  • Spanish2

Depending on the prior knowledge, the language courses are taught at beginner's or advanced level. The existing knowledge is tested with a placement test. The language courses are an excellent opportunity for you to prepare for the integrated semester abroad in the fifth semester, since the course “Foreign language skills” is offered in the second and third semester.

(* Prior knowledge required; 1: offered by the English Department, 2: offered by the Romance Department of the University of Mannheim)  

Asian Studies in the MMM: Fit for China and Japan

The Asian market is in economic terms one of the most important trading centers in the world. Due to the vast differences regarding language and culture, Europeans often have difficulties doing business in the respective country. If you study the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM), you can specialize on the Chinese or Japanese economic area in the elective “Asian Studies”.

In addition to a first-class Master’s degree in business administration, you can improve your language skills as well as get to know the culture, society and history of the countries. Communication and negotiation strategies are also a part of the study plan. Additionally, you can network with practice representatives and gain current insights into the Asian economy, e.g. through guest lectures of international renowned professors.

You can finish the elective “Asian Studies” in two, three or four semesters because the modules are offered every year. This flexibility also enables you to integrate a stay abroad into your Master's studies.

Other foreign languages in the MMM program

In the Mannheim Master in Management you have the opportunity to learn another foreign language. In addition to “Asian Studies”, the elective MMM offers you classes or lectures of the School of Humanities and if you are interested, you can also attend linguistic or literary courses.

Supplementary German and culture courses for exchange students

The University of Mannheim offers many language, as well as country and culture courses for exchange students. Visit our winter or summer academy before the beginning of the lecture period and learn German as part of an intensive language course. You can also choose from our large range of German courses, which are held during the semester (no ECTS). You can find more information on the pages of the International Office of the University of Mannheim.


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Chinese as an elective
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Japanese as an elective
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English for Business Administration
Practical language studies at the Romance Department