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Honors Program

Turning talent into impact – these are more than empty words for us, because we want our students to make full use of their talents and also support them outside of the regular study program. The Honors Program, newly introduced for the fall/winter semester 2023/24, offers academically outstanding business administration students the opportunity to network, to find contacts in business, culture and politics as well as to face new challenges together. We dare to look beyond the “business administration box” in order to learn from each other and to make a difference together.

The most important goals of the Honors Program: To support tomorrow's leaders today and to lay the foundations for responsible actions of tomorrow.

We all want to advance our society sustainably. The Honors Program offers participants a framework to deal with their own weaknesses, but above all with their personal strengths. What contribution am I making to society? How can I put my talents to good use? The Honors Program is designed to answer these questions – through exchanges with decision-makers who already bear special responsibility in different functions. Through creative impulses, meetings with personalities from the economy and a expert support from our professors, everyone can expand their horizon. The learnings are put directly into practice through a social project within the Honors Program. 

All information at a glance

  • What is the Honors Program?

    The Honors Program is an offer for particularly high-performing students of the Bachelor of Business Administration and Mannheim Master in Management courses. It offers selected students the opportunity to take part in additional courses for further personality development and leadership skills. The focus is on networking with other participants as well as getting in touch with decision-makers from the business world. The program also conveys creative and artistic impulses. The aim of the program is to teach tomorrow's managers skills that will enable them to contribute their strengths responsibly.

  • Why should I take part in the Honors Program?

    What is my responsibility in society? How can I benefit society with my talents? The Honors Program supports outstanding students in finding their purpose after their studies. The focus is on the networking – beyond the course of study. Students receive a certificate and an online badge upon completion of the Honors Program, which can be used, on their personal LinkedIn profile.

  • Who can apply?

    The possibility to apply exists only after prior invitation by the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration. The invitation is sent exclusively to the best 10% of  students of the two study programs Bachelor of Business Administration and Mannheim Master in Management. The invitation will only be sent to students in their second semester, as the program starts for all participants in the 3rd semester. Admission requirements are also 51 ECTS achieved at the end of the 2nd semester (Attention: only the regular examination dates can be considered in the 2nd semester).

  • How can I apply?

    An application for the Honors Program can only be made after prior invitation. The dean's invitation is sent electronically to the eligible students of both courses by the beginning of August at the latest. After an electronic invitation for application by the dean of the faculty, interested students must apply for the program independently.

    The application period ends on August 15 of each year. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered in the selection.

  • Which criteria are taken into account in the application?

    The participants are selected on the basis of the submitted written application documents. The following criteria are taken into account:

    • academic achievements
    • extracurricular engagement (with proof)
    • motivation letter (desired content will be communicated with the invitation for application)
  • How is the program structured?

    The Honors Program extends over two semesters and is designed individually each year. For the students, the program takes place alongside their studies during the 3rd and 4th semester.

    It includes the following modules:

    Honors Lecturesthree 90-minute sessions per semester
    Meet the CxO Excursionstwo full-day sessions per semester
    Honors Workshops on Creativitytwo full-day sessions per semester
    Honors Social Projectduring the second Honors Program semester

    At the end of the second Honors Program semester, a capstone event will take place, during which the certificates of participation will be presented.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Spalt has short hair and glasses. He is wearing a light-colored shirt and a dark sacco and is standing in the Ehrenhof

Crises and uncertainties arise everywhere. The Honors Program at the University Mannheim aims to help tomorrow’s leaders develop skills to successfully face those challenges. By meeting today’s business leaders, by engaging with artists, and by executing our own social project, we go beyond traditional boundaries of a business curriculum to foster the kind of creative and responsible leadership our economy and our society needs.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Spalt, Chair of Financial Market Institutions, Academic Director of the Honors Program / Credit: Rike Allendörfer

1. Cohort of the Honors Program 2023/2024

Fenja Angele has long blonde hair and wears a black top and a beige blazer

Through the Honors Program, I was able to enrich my personal perspective on what it means to work with responsibility. The contact with successful leaders, joint workshops and the opportunity to gain insights into different culturally relevant areas brought all parts of the program together perfectly. A special aspect for me was the ever-growing cohesion within the Honors cohort and the friendships I made through the program, far beyond the great network that the Honors Program offers.

Fenja Ankele / Credit: privat
Kai Irion has short hair and a beard and wears a red top

The Honors Program enabled me to look beyond the boundaries of business studies and broaden my horizons considerably. I particularly enjoyed the various interdisciplinary workshops, such as painting a work of art or playing percussion. Combined with the company visits to BCG, LVMH and BASF, among others, this was a great change of pace.

Kai Irion / Credit: privat
Marie Kulmus has long blonde hair and is wearing a light-colored blouse and a dark blazer. The castle can be seen in the background.

During the lectures and company visits, we were able to learn first-hand from the experiences of top-class professors and CxOs and engage in stimulating discussions. Rounded off by the artist workshops and our Social Project, the program offers further fundamental perspectives that are otherwise often neglected! The Honors Program is an incredibly enriching year that leaves you with an excellent and inspiring network.

Marie Kulmus / Credit: privat
Moritz Mangold has short hair and glasses. He is wearing a light blue Sacco and a white shirt and has his arms crossed over his chest.

The Honors Program offers an excellent opportunity to meet CxO-level executives from top international companies and to broaden your horizons. I am particularly impressed by the intellectual challenge and encouragement that the program offers, as well as the stimulation to think critically. In addition, the Social Project enabled us to get involved with the people in our region and make big changes through small actions.

Moritz Mangold / Credit: privat

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