Our Mission, Vision & Values

Turning talent into impact.

The mission statement shows what we as University of Mannheim Business School stand for. With more than 100 years of experience we are pioneers of  high-class research and teaching. We generate ideas that trigger new developments and advance theory and practice. We think visionary and strive to have a positive impact on society.

With living diversity, excellent research and teaching, as well as a top-class network of more than 200 partner schools, we have continuously extended our lead over other universities in recent years and established ourself among the top business schools in the world.

In the following video, we have gathered voices of key stakeholders that show that our mission, vision and values are the basis of our daily work and of our dedication to fulfilling the highest standards in all areas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address global challenges through rigorous business research and through the education of responsible leaders dedicated to making a substantial positive impact on business and society.

Our Vision

As a leading business school in Europe, we develop responsible business leaders and principled scholars who make a positive difference in society.

How we bring our mission to life

  • Addressing global challenges through rigorous research

    • We advance knowledge in all areas of business research through academic contributions in leading peer-reviewed journals.
    • We share a strong faculty spirit and a striving, rigorous research culture.
    • We play an active role in the international research community through top-tier publications, engagement in acknowledged academic conferences, and participation in international collaboration initiatives.
    • We foster interdisciplinary research collaboration by engaging with neighboring disciplines at the University of Mannheim and with other research institutions.
    • We enable junior researchers to reach their full potential in academia through a rigor-driven research environment.
  • Addressing global challenges by educating responsible leaders

    • We are committed to an education with a sound foundation in research, and translate our research endeavors in all major fields of business into inspiring learning experiences.
    • We enable students to solve relevant business and societal challenges by employing a strong analytical and methodological approach.
    • We strengthen self-reliance, resilience and independent thinking in our students. We deepen the sense of personal responsibility for all their actions.
    • We prepare students for careers in an international and dynamic environment through internationally oriented programs and close cooperation with partner universities across the globe.
    • We foster our students’ personal and academic growth by providing a stimulating and inclusive learning environment, which has as a foundation rigorous student selection standards.
    • Our program portfolio represents a hub for lifelong learning, offering our diverse groups of students, practitioners, and faculty a wealth of opportunities to connect and exchange ideas. The portfolio includes bachelor's, master's, specialized master's, doctoral programs, (E)MBA programs and Executive Education.
  • Impacting business and society

    • We engage in research relevant for the corporate world, organizations, and governments.
    • Our faculty members are recognized thought leaders and shape current public debates.
    • We provide empirically sound facts for evidence-based decision making.
    • We disseminate relevant research findings through collaboration with companies and organizations, appointments in political expert panels, and presence in the media to achieve the maximum possible outreach.
  • Carbon Footprint

    Humanity is facing major challenges in matters related to environmental and social sustainability. And mitigating global warming is key to both. We are still in a position to slow down climate change and limit its effects. However, this requires consistent and concerted action. It is only natural that Mannheim Business School stepped up to the plate in this matter too.

    Together with Fokus Zukunft, Mannheim Business School determined its carbon footprint for the fiscal years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, which we will continue to do in the future. The emissions report was prepared in line with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) Corporate Standard developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

    The initial results were encouraging and provided a number of suggestions for further reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, in fiscal year 2020/2021, we managed to reduce our total emissions by 18.2% in comparison with the previous period (Scope 2:  10.60%; Scope 3:  32.93%). Consonant with the University of Mannheim, Mannheim Business School has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

    Mannheim Business School’s full carbon footprint for the fiscal years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 are available for a download.

Our Values

Our mission and vision are based on the following values. For us, they are the basis of our daily work and our aspiration to meet the highest standards in all areas.

Academic excellence as well as rigor and relevance in research
Thought leadership and innovation
Critical thinking, diversity, and integrity
Accountability, responsibility, and transparency