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Launch of the New Honors Program
The School of Business Administration is launching a new “Honors Program” to support outstanding students in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2023/24 semester. An info session for interested students will be held on 1 June.
Does Transparency Help to Tackle the Challenges Societies Are Facing Today?
The German Research Foundation extends the funding for the Collaborative Research Center TRR 266 “Accounting for Transparency”. The University of Mannheim is one of three universities which applied for funding. As part of the CRC 266, the German Business Panel (GBP), which is based in Mannheim, ...
Junior Professor Contributes to the New EU Policy Report
The European Commission has published a new report (Policy Report) on the consequences the coronavirus pandemic has had on women in research and development.
Honorary Doctorate for Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schreiber
Leibniz Universität Hannover has awarded an honorary doctorate to Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schreiber, who was holder of the Chair of General Business Administration and Business Taxation at the University of Mannheim until 2019.
Students of the University of Mannheim Honored with Sustainability Award
For the first time, the City of Mannheim has honored students for their final theses on sustainability. Two students of the University of Mannheim have received the award.
GBP Monitor April: No All-Clear for Inflation in 2024
In December 2022, the German Bundesbank predicted a significant decline of the inflation rate to 4.1 percent for 2024. According to the April report of the German Business Panel (GBP), however, it is too soon to give the all-clear.
Company Days @Business School – Great Success of the New Event Series
The Business School of the University of Mannheim offers numerous opportunities to combine theory and practice outside the lecture halls. On 31 March and 3 April 2023 the “Company Days @Business School” took place in Mannheim for the first time. Students majoring or minoring in business ...
The University as a Place of Diversity and Tolerance
The University of Mannheim promotes social diversity and equal opportunities. It is an open place for learning, teaching and working. Respectful, appreciative interactions with one another and tolerance for diversity are core values of the university.
ZEW and University of Mannheim Receive 1.6 Million Euros for Joint Tax Research
The Leibniz ScienceCampus MannheimTaxation, a joint initiative of ZEW Mannheim and the University of Mannheim, will receive 1.2 million euros in research funding from the Leibniz Association over a period of four years.
Career Fair 2023
The university’s Career Fair will take place from 25 to 27 April in the Ehrenhof. The Universität Mannheim Service und Marketing GmbH has been organizing the yearly event, where students and alums can get to know potential employers, for 20 years now.