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Before the Federal Elections: Survey Reveals That German Companies Are Still Dissatisfied with Economic Policy, despite Upward Trend
Although the economic situation has considerably improved after the long lockdown in spring 2021, the situation in many sectors remains tight, as the company trend of the German Business Panel (GBP) at the University of Mannheim shows. The answers of more than 1,800 German companies from more than ...
Farewell Greetings from the Knights Hall
Business School of the University of Mannheim celebrates virtual ceremony for its graduates
Lunch to fight the crisis
Business Administration students of the University of Mannheim develop an online food ordering ordering app to help local restaurants overcome the economic crisis
Federal and State Governments Invest Eight-Figure Sum in Development of National Platform to Analyze Big Data in the Economic and Social Sciences
Over the next five years, the University of Mannheim will lead a consortium that develops and builds a national cloud-based platform for using artificial intelligence, machine learning and complex analytical methods in the field of economic and social sciences. This platform will enable researchers ...
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“With our startup, we want to revolutionize the treatment of heart failure”
Technological innovations and management – these are the fields in which Junior Professor Dr. Marc Lerchenmüller has been teaching and researching at the Business School of the University of Mannheim since 2019. As a founding member of the biotechnological start-up AaviGen, he is furthermore ...
50 Euro per Person and Year for Air Purifiers in Classrooms Would Be Sufficient
Researchers from Goethe University and the University of Mannheim have developed a calculator for air purifiers / Online calculation tool helps in comparing mobile air filters
Excellent Career Prospects for Graduates of the University of Mannheim
The University of Mannheim has again been very successful in the latest survey of HR managers carried out by the German Wirtschaftswoche.
Remembering Professor Raffée
The University of Mannheim, the Business School and Mannheim’s alumni association ABSOLVENTUM e.V. mourn the loss of Professor Raffée. He passed away on 11 May 2021 at the age of 91. Raffée was holder of the chair of Business Administration and Marketing II at the University of Mannheim, until he ...
New European Business School Network establishes European Management Track
New “European Management Track” for business master’s students is being launched in cooperation with business schools from Denmark, France and Spain
Senate of the University of Mannheim Has Elected New Vice Presidents / Sustainability Will Be Integrated More Deeply into the Work of the President's Office
On 1 October 2021, four new Vice Presidents will join the President and the Executive Vice President in the President’s Office. In order to be well positioned for the future, the current responsibilities of the Vice Presidents will be redistributed among the new Vice Presidents and sustainability ...