Christin Beer, Manuel David Till, Prof. Dr. Jannis Bischof (Chairman of the Foundation), Victoria Frese Photo credit: Laura Margara

Prechel award ceremony for the best graduates 2020

An award ceremony under exceptional circumstances.

An award ceremony under exceptional circumstances. This year, everything turned out differently and the graduates of the University of Mannheim all proved that they are able to achieve top performance even under massive restrictions. This is a clear demonstration of the quality of the academic education our graduates have received and which has prepared them for such unforeseen challenges.

This year's winners of the Prechel Prize deserve special mention. We congratulate the Bachelor's graduate Manuel David Till and the MMM graduates for their outstanding achievements: Christin Beer and Victoria Frese. This year, the award ceremony had to take place in the Court of Honor within appropriate distance.

The Prechel Prize of the Prechel Foundation, which is awarded each year to the best students of the year, is endowed with a prize money of 1000 Euro for each study program (Mrs. Beer and Mrs. Frese with a split prize of 500 Euros).

The faculty is proud of the great achievement at the end of an unusual semester and Prof. Dr. Jannis Bischof (Chairman of the Foundation) congratulates the prize winners on their outstanding graduation:

“It is part of our understanding of excellence to pay special tribute to the absolute outstanding ones out of the many best performances we observe among our students. This year's prize winners have achieved these achievements under particularly difficult conditions, which impresses us even more. They particularly deserve the Prechel Foundation prize - and we congratulate them on their achievement!”