Launch of the New Honors Program

The School of Business Administration is launching a new “Honors Program” to support outstanding students in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2023/24 semester.

Turning talent into impact – these are more than empty words for us, because we want our students to make full use of their talents and also support them outside of the regular study program. The Honors Program, newly introduced for the fall/winter semester 2023/24, offers academically outstanding business administration students the opportunity to network, to make contacts in business, culture and politics as well as to face new challenges together. We dare to look beyond the “business administration box” in order to learn from each other and to make a difference together.

Students of the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Mannheim Master in Management who are in their second semester and are among the top 10% of their year can apply. The application can only be made after prior invitation by the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration.

Goals of the Honors Program

The most important goals of the Honors Program: to support tomorrow's leaders today and to lay the foundations for responsible action.

We all want to advance our society sustainably. The Honors Program offers participants a framework to deal with their own weaknesses, but above all with their personal strengths. What contribution am I making to society? How can I put my talents to good use? The Honors Program is designed to answer these questions – in exchange with decision-makers who already bear special responsibility in different functions. Through creative impulses, meetings with personalities from the economy and a expert support by our professors, everyone can expand their horizon. The learnings are put directly into practice through a social project within the Honors Program. 
Find more information here.