German Linguistics for students without skills in humanities

Necessary prerequisites
Further informationPlease enrol in courses via the course catalog of the School of Humanities / Department of German Studies (Student Portal) or e-Mail to program Manager Sebastian Hempen (master(at)
Organizational informationThe following courses have to be taken: “Introduction to linguistics”, “Seminar taken out of the Module „Language and Media“", and either “Lecture in linguistics” or “Exercise Class in linguistics” (in total 16 or 18 ECTS).
Contact personSebastian Hempen (master(at)
Necessary prerequisitesAssessment formECTSSemester
Introduction to linguistics (without tutorial)

Written exam

Lecture in linguistics

Written exam

4Spring & fall
exercise class in linguistics

Term paper

6Spring & fall
Seminar taken out of the Module “Language and Media”

Introduction to linguistics

Term paper or oral exam

8Spring & fall