MAN 910 – Area Management Seminar / „Toward an Inclusive Capitalism“


Nien-hê Hsieh, Harvard Business School

Abstract: There is no shortage of calls for alternatives to shareholder primacy. These alternatives (e.g., stakeholder theory, creating shared value, conscious capitalism), at the most basic level, direct managers to advance the interests of non-shareholder constituencies in ways that they otherwise might not under shareholder primacy. In this talk, I put forward an ideal of relational equality for society and explore the extent to which these alternatives realize this ideal. I argue that given the unique status of owners of capital under a capitalist system, without changes in the distribution of capital ownership itself, these alternatives fall short in realizing an ideal of relational equality.


This guest talk is presented by the Chair of Sustainable Business / Prof. Dr. Edinger-Schons

All areas of the CDSB run prominent external seminar series. These series are an integral part of the PhD Program. Internationally renowned researchers from all over the world present and discuss their latest research topics. This is a great opportunity for students to gain new insights into various disciplines and receive impulses for their own research activities.