Rethinking Operations Strategy through the Sustainability Fitness Concept


Dr. Breno Nunes

EO 150 AbsolventUM Hörsaal

Sustainability Fitness (SF) is a measure of how ‘healthy’ a system is, and it can be calculated considering how far it is from a zone of collapse (Alamino and Nunes, 2023). Its applications at corporate and function levels are still in the early stages. Thus, this presentation sheds light on my latest research in developing SF concept, and its macro-components, which are called essentiality balance and environmental limits. The presentation will also cover the derived variables for the corporate sustainability fitness concept: needs of the firm, alignment to essential societal needs, and finally, respect to environmental limits (Nunes et al, 2023).

Bio: Dr Breno Nunes is Reader (Associate Professor) in Sustainable Operations Management at Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK. His research is primarily focused on strategic aspects of the operations function to make organisations achieve higher levels of sustainability. Breno is also associate editor for IEEE-EMR and the current President of IAMOT –International Association for Management of Technology, a global organisation with a very diverse board of directors representing four continents and IAMOT annual conferences typically attended by attendees from 45–55 countries. Breno has received funding from Innovate UK (KTP), British Council (Researcher Links), European Union (Alban Programme), and Brazilian Funding agencies (ANP and CAPES) and is often requested to speak at national and international events on the topic of sustainability strategy.