Course Registration at the Business School

A general guide on how to register for your courses via the course catalog and Portal 2 has been provided to you by our Central International Office and you can access it here. On this page, you will find information on course registration that is specific to courses offered by the Business School. Please note that this information only applies to incoming exchange students. Double Degree students should not register for their courses via the course catalog and should instead follow the instructions provided by their program manager, Katharina Dröghoff.

Course Capacity

At the Business School, the majority of our courses have unlimited places but there are some that have a maximum number of participants. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every student that registers for these courses with limited capacity will also receive a place in them.

If a course with limited capacity receives more registrations than places available, a lottery draw will be used to select participants at random. Students that have registered for courses with limited capacity are therefore advised to register for 1–2 back-up courses, just in case they are not admitted to one of their preferred choices. Back-up courses can be dropped again later if you do end up receiving a place in all of your preferred courses.

Course Place Assignment

If you register for a course with unlimited capacity, you will definitely be admitted to the course after the end of the registration period. However, if you register for a course with limited capacity, you will have to wait until the course place allocation has been conducted to find out whether you have received a place in the respective course or not.

The course registration period at the Business School will run from 15 – 29 August 2024. In courses with limited capacity, places will be assigned on 30 August 2024. Once the assignment process has been completed, you will be able to check whether you have been admitted or not on Portal 2: 

  • Go to the tab „My studies“ and click on „Show my enrollments“
  • Your status will change into “admitted“ if you received a place in the course, or “rejected“ if you did not receive a place in the course

Following the course place assignment, you will have the opportunity to drop courses you no longer want/need during the withdrawal period from 31 August – 8 September 2024. To drop a course:

  • Go to the tab „My studies“ and click on „Show my enrollments“
  • Click on the „Withdraw“ button next to the course name

During the withdrawal period, it is also possible for students to move up into a course they did not receive a place in through our automatic wait list on Portal 2. In case you can move up into a course, your status will change from “rejected“ into “admitted“. Important: Please be fair and make sure to withdraw from a course you do not wish to participate in. It would be a shame if sought-after seats in a popular course remain empty! 

Exercise Classes and Tutorials

At the Business School, some lectures are acccompanied by exercise classes and tutorials, which usually start in the second or third week of lectures. Please refer to the individual course descriptions in the course catalog to check whether a course is accompanied by an exercise class and/or tutorial. You can then search for the respective exercise class and tutorial times on Portal 2.

Depending on the class size, multiple exercise class and tutorial sessions may be offered per week. Generally, you only need to attend one exercise class and one tutorial per week. If there are multiple exercise classes and tutorials for a course, the class slots will be assigned based on prioritization.