International Cultural Studies

Within the frame of the lecture and seminar, regularly alternating courses will be offered, among other things to the following topics:

  • Languages in Contact
  • Intercultural Enco­unters
  • Globalization
  • New Media
  • Cultural Theory

Lern- und Qualifikations­ziele
The partial module introduces to the basics of Cultural Studies and methodological basics of academic reasoning. Different theories of Cultural Studies will be exemplarily presented in the lecture and the current state of research will be methodologically reflected, according to relevance. The thematically accompanying seminars deepen the different aspects of the respective topic.

Notwendige Voraussetzungen

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen

Benotung Ja
SpracheDeutsch, andere Fremdsprache
Prüfungs­form und -umfangWritten and/or oral exam, also where appropriate a paper. The examiner will determine the exact form in accordance with the requirements of the module element.
Informationen zur Anmeldung
Durchführende Lehr­kraft
Various lecturers of the University of Mannheim
Häufigkeit des AngebotsHerbst-/Wintersemester
Dauer des Moduls 1 Semester
VerwendbarkeitB.Sc. BWL
VorleistungenDependant on the course
Programm­spezifische Kompetenzzieleabhängig von Lehr­veranstaltung