A Categorization of Workplace Learning Goals for Multi-Stakeholder Recommender Systems: A Systematic Review

New open access article published focussing on workplace learning goals and recommender systems.

Hemmler, Y. M., Rasch, J., & Ifenthaler, D. (2022). A categorization of workplace learning goals for multi-stakeholder recommender systems: A systematic review. TechTrends 

Educational recommender systems offer benefits for workplace learning by tailoring the selection of learning activities to the individual’s learning goals. However, existing systems focus on the learner as the primary stakeholder of learning processes and do not consider the organization’s perspective. We conducted a systematic review to develop a categorization of workplace learning goals for multi-stakeholder recommender systems. Out of an initial set of 13,198 publications exported from databases, a final sample of 34 key publications was identified, according to predefined inclusion criteria. Content analysis and reflective exchange were deployed to synthesize workplace learning goals investigated in the key publications. We identified five categories of workplace learning goals that can be arranged along a dimension from intrinsic (goals set exclusively by the learner) to external (goals set exclusively by the organization). Our categorization provides a common language for multi-stakeholder recommender systems incorporating both the learner’s and the organization’s perspectives.