Artificial Intelligence Education in the Context of Work

New edited volume published focussing on workplace learning and artificial intelligence.

Ifenthaler, D., & Seufert, S. (Eds.). (2022). Articifial intelligence education in the context of work. Springer.

This edited volume remedies existing deficiencies in the literature on artificial intelligence and education in the context of work. The topics addressed by this book are:

• Supporting formal and informal learning through AI

• Human-machine collaboration for learning at the workplace, including the potential of human-AI interaction in professional and vocational education contexts, design, use, and evaluation of human-AI hybrid systems for learning

• Intelligent and Interactive Technologies for Learning, including natural language processing and speech technologies; data mining and machine learning;  knowledge representation and reasoning; semantic web technologies,  chat bot-mediated learning, and conversational learning, 

• AI-enabled applications for skills management and personalized learning, such as AI-enabled coaching, personalized skill management, and intelligent tutoring systems. 

• Case studies for the implementation and use of AI-enabled learning and performance solutions, such as personal learning experience platforms, and automated performance feedback.