Educational Data Literacy

New book published focussing on educational data literacy for educational professionals.

Sampson, D. G., Papamitsiou, Z., Ifenthaler, D., Giannakos, M., Mougiakou, S., & Vinatsella, D. (2022). Educational data literacy. Springer. 

Educational Data Literacy (EDL) is a core competence for all education professionals, including school teachers, instructional designers and tutors of online and blended learning courses, as well as educational institutions’ leaders. Nevertheless, existing professional competence frameworks for educators pay little attention to EDL, missing out the potential of using emerging EDL methods and tools in online and blended teaching and learning – thus there is a need for extending existing professional competence frameworks for educators with new competences to accommodate the emerging field of EDL. To this end, this brief monograph presents a comprehensive proposal of an Educational Data Literacy Competence Profile (EDL-CP) framework for education professionals, as well as, exemplary learning outcomes for the proposed EDL-CP framework, and use-case examples for indicative target groups, namely instructional designers, e-Trainers and K-12 school teachers.