Five papers from the University of Mannheim accepted for presentation at the American Finance Association Annual Meetings 2017

The following papers from the Department of Finance at Mannheim University will be presented at the AFA 2017 conference in Chicago:


Irem Demirci: Real Estate Holdings of Public Firms and Collateral Discount (with Umit Gurun and Erkan Yonder)

Christoph Merkle: Financial Loss Aversion Illusion

Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi: In-Group Bias in Financial Markets (with Sima Jannati, Alok Kumar, and Justin Wolfers)

Sascha Steffen: Lender of Last Resort versus Buyer of Last Resort – Evidence from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis (with Viral Acharya and Diane Pierret)

Martin Weber: Thinking About Prices versus Thinking About Returns in Financial Markets (with Markus Glaser and Zwetelina Iliewa)


Please see the full conference program here.