Guest Lecture: Inside the Microsoft DevOps Lifecycle

Industry Guest Lecture (Design Thinking & Lean Development, Lecture and Applied Project)

As SaaS provider Microsoft has learned a lot by adopting the DevOps lifecycle and operating Azure DevOps Services which is a 365x24 SaaS service being used by over 4 Mio users. To share our learnings we will give you insights on our journey to DevOps. We will explore how we transitioned from an engineering dynamic which was focused on validation to a model which is focused on flow and continuous value delivery. See what practices are working for us - how we plan, how our code flow works, how we deploy, how we operate. You will see the concepts and real world examples from Microsoft.

About the Speaker: Christian Binder

Christian joined Microsoft at 1999 and in 2006 he started working with the product group on Application Lifecycle Management. The transformation to cloud cadence driven DevOps at Microsoft is one of the most interesting and motivating topics he has been working since then. Being part of this kind of engineering transformation is pretty exciting. In 2015 Christian took over the Microsoft Technology Center in Munich as a Technical Director reforming the team and working on topics like Cyber Security and DevSecOps. In 2018 he decided to move to a more engineering focused unit in Microsoft  - Commercial Software Engineering – where he is now running  co-engineering projects with customers to build cloud native applications applying what he is talking about on a daily basis.


Where?     B 6, 30-32 Bauteil E-F, room 008.2 Seminarraum

When?     28.10.2019 - 15:30 – 16:30