Jan Grünen successfully defended his doctoral dissertation

We congratulate Jan Grünen for the successful completion of his doctorate.

On October-22, 2021, Jan Grünen successfully defended his doctoral dissertation titled „Digitalization Technologies and Business Trends in Procurement.“ In his disseration, Jan analyzes the trends resulting from digitalization and their effects on procurement in three iterative steps. First, the research starts with an overview on digitalization in procurement along a detailed analysis of B2B business networks and the direct potentials that can be derived from
them. In a next step the mechanics of participating in electronic B2B business networks is further explored with regards to motivation, opportunity and ability to leverage digitalization, using the example of B2B business networks. Finally, digitalization is taken to a broader level, taking additional digitalization technologies into the picture and analyzing the digital maturity of a number of technologies and the readiness of the consuming company with the respective impact on procurement performance, drawing from the entrepreneurial orientation theory. The disseration was supervised by Prof. Bode and Prof. Höhle.