New book published: Technology Supported Innovations in School Education

This volume provides a comprehensive and contemporary depiction of the swift evolution of learning technologies and the innovations that derive from their deployment in school education. It comprises cases studies, research focused on emergent technologies and experiments with existing tools in a wide range of scenarios.

Isaias, P., Sampson, D. G., & Ifenthaler, D. (Eds.). (2020). Technology supported innovations in school education. Cham: Springer.

  • Includes case studies and features emergent technologies and experiments with existing tools in varied scenarios, pedagogical approaches to the use of technology, and conceptual studies discussing the impact of learning technologies
  • Offers a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary depiction of current issues, comprising chapters from different fields and disciplines from various leading scholars 
  • Focuses both on technological and pedagogical aspects of learning in the digital age
  • Features a variety of learning technologies appealing to all levels of education

The studies included in this volume explore the conceptual and practical aspects of technologies that are used to support learning, with a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all levels of education. The three sections of this volume emphasise the use of digital technologies from the viewpoint of different fields of expertise, explore multiple educational settings where technology was implemented to support the various stages of the learning process, and underline strategies, tools and technologies that play a crucial role in the professional development of teachers.