Praxis Talk Gender Diversity for Students

Join us for the Panel Discussion about „Gender Diversity“ followed by a Come Together to explore the topic of gender diversity in more depth.

Praxis Talk “Gender Diversity”

In 2017, we conducted the widely regarded study “Fearless Girls?! Reasons for the low fraction of women in the financial industry”. One of our learnings were that female students are less likely to consider a career in asset management than their male co­unterparts are. During our Praxis Talk we will highlight reasons for these differences and discuss what is holding women back from the financial industry. Are there gender differences in personal values that make the financial industry less attractive to women? What is the industry like, how can organizational structures be changed to make the industry more attractive to female talent?

Join us for the discussion about the experiences, female experts in asset management can share.

Meet and hear from the founders of Fondsfrauen and what our study on women in asset management is all about. Find out what roles may be of interest to you and how our career network can help you take the first steps in this business. Two female portfolio managers will be there to talk about their job and answer your questions.

The career network “Fondsfrauen” wants to encourage female students to take a closer look at our industry and learn what great opportunities in line with their professional and personal values await them.

After the discussion you will have the opportunity to meet the experts in a more informal setting, exchange ideas and experiences and enjoy some drinks.

Join us!


Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at University of Mannheim, following the lecture CC 504 (18:45 – 20.00 h)


  • Praxis Talk / Panel Discussion: University of Mannheim, Schloß Mannheim, Room SO 108, Schneckenhof Ost
  • Come Together: University of Mannheim, Schloß Mannheim, Hays Forum, Schneckenhof Ost

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