„Sourcing Excellence“ and Mannheim's „Global Innovation Challenge“ 2023

For the 2nd time we taught our course „Sourcing Excellence“ (OPM 693) as part of the „Global Innovation Challenge“

Our course „OPM 693 Sourcing Excellence“ is Mannheim's contribution to the Global Innovation Challenge Program. In this 2-week block course, Matthias Schlipf and Christoph Bode discussed the sales/procurement interface and challenges revolving around strategic sourcing with the highly international student group. The 21 participants – with backgrounds from Australia to Scandinavia – learnt how to set up and manage sourcing projects while considering the broader business environment and strategic direction of the organization.

The Global Innovation Program is a cooperative initiative of the International Business School Network (IBSnet). Mannheim is a founding member of the initiative and has been part of the network of international oriented Business Schools since 2008.