Unobtrusive Observations of Learning in Digital Environments

New edited volume published which integrates foundational ideas from psychology, immersive digital learning environments supported by theories and methods of the learning sciences, particularly in pursuit of questions of cognition, behavior and emotion factors in digital learning experiences.

Kovanovic, V., Azevedo, R., Gibson, D. C., & Ifenthaler, D. (Eds.). (2023). Unobtrusive observations of learning in digital environments. Examining behavior, cognition, emotion, metacognition and social processes using learning analytics. Springer. 

New and emerging foundations of theory and analysis based on observation of digital traces are enhanced by data science, particularly machine learning, with extensions to deep learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence brought into service to better understand higher-order thinking capacities such as self-regulation, collaborative problem-solving and social construction of knowledge. As a result, this edited volume presents a collection of indicators or measurements focusing on learning processes and related behavior, (meta-)cognition, emotion and motivation, as well as social processes. In addition, each section of the book includes an invited commentary from a related field, such as educational psychology, cognitive science, learning science, etc.