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The European University

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of nine leading European universities in business, economics, and social sciences. Its long term goal is it to enable students at all participating schools to take courses at other schools of the network and to create a true European, open and flexible studies system. The Business School is delighted to actively support this network. Exciting new projects are our passion by nature. 

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For MMM students: Double Degree Program with LUISS in Rome

Choose your electives from topics such as “Green Economy” and “Sustainability”. Within the double degree program with the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali in Rome this is an option. Besides the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) you will be awarded the “Master in Strategic Management” by LUISS. This double degree is offered within the framework of the “European University ENGAGE.EU”. 

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Online Exchange Initiative (OEI) – For Students of the Business School

As a Business student of the University of Mannheim you can attend courses virtually at all participating ENGAGE.EU universities across Europe within the Online Exchange Initiative. For course recognitions please follow the recognition procedure of a regular study abroad semester.

Course offer of the OEI

For Master students: Joint Program in Digital Transformation

The Joint Program equips you with the latest technology skills and knowledge to prepare yourself for a digital future that is happening now, and become a digital change maker. As a culmination, the programme ends with an in-person summer seminar at one of the seven partner universities, where you will meet your cohort, practically apply your knowledge from the courses, and expand your network.

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For course recognitions of courses of the ENGAGE.EU offer please follow the recognition procedure of a regular study abroad semester and please contact us prior to your participation.

Contact for ENGAGE.EU at the Business School

Janna Ried, M.A.

Janna Ried, M.A.

Manager International Affairs, Master-Level Exchanges & Special Programs
University of Mannheim
Dean's Office of the Business School
Schloss – Room EO 388 (3rd floor)
68161 Mannheim
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