Mannheim Master in Management Double Degree Program

Two international degrees in one program

Our eight international Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) double degree programs involve spending half of your time studying at the University of Mannheim, and the other half at one of our renowned partner schools abroad. You will obtain two degrees: the Master in Management, M.Sc., awarded by the University of Mannheim and a second internationally recognized degree awarded by the respective partner school.


The academic Mannheim Master in Management and the practice-oriented Master of International Business at the Darla Moore School of Business are perfect complements. My studies were enhanced by my fellow students at both universities. These two degrees prepare uniquely for my job market entry. The program is recommendable to anyone who wants to gain study experience in the South of the US and is interested in International Business.

Friederike Kotzerke, Double Degree Student Mannheim – USC / Credit: Beliz Eker

The Double Degree with the University of South Carolina is a great experience that paves the way for a successful international career. Not only did the program offer me the chance to combine two different – however complementary – study plans, but also to build a meaningful network with students and professionals from all around the world. In addition, the year spent abroad allowed me to appreciate the unique traits of a different culture and to develop as a person. I would definitely suggest each student to apply: you won’t regret it!

Alessio Domenica, Double Degree Student Mannheim – USC / Credit: University of South Carolina

In addition to the obvious advantages of spending a full academic year abroad and acquiring two degrees from renowned universities in just four semesters, the Double Degree Mannheim – National Chengchi University, Taiwan goes hand in hand with rapid personal and professional development. The diverse and challenging environment in a foreign culture combined with a unique team spirit, shaped by international and local students from various professional backgrounds, make these valuable experiences unforgettable.

Konstantin Krone, Double Degree Student Mannheim – NCCU / Credit: Konstantin Krone

The Double Degree program between the University of Mannheim and ESSEC Business School is an incredible enrichment, both professionally and personally. The academic and theoretical foundation is laid in Mannheim and optimally complemented by the very practical learning at ESSEC. In addition, ESSEC offers a large selection of chairs and tracks, so that despite the numerous core courses, specialization is possible, some of them even on the ESSEC campus in Rabat or Singapore. Personally, I particularly benefit from the close cooperation with different nationalities and academic backgrounds and can therefore expand my cultural horizon enormously.

Markus Fanderl, Double Degree Student Mannheim – ESSEC / Credit: Barbara Obermaier

I gained a lot of valuable experience through the Double Degree program, and I can highly recommend it! The course at Bocconi is very international and practice-oriented, and offers numerous opportunities for extra-curricular activities and individual design options, despite the technical specialization. Above all, however, during my year in Milan I learned to appreciate Italian culture and made many close friends.

Sarah Kubin, Double Degree Student Mannheim – Bocconi / Credit: Fotostudio Thomas

For me, the Double Degree program at the University of Mannheim with Queen’s University was the ideal combination of theoretical and practical teaching. The intensive exchange as well as the cooperation with students and lecturers from different cultural backgrounds allowed me to broaden my horizon and develop myself personally and professionally. To learn and live in this global setting and to be able to make new friends with exciting personalities from all over the world at the same time was an incredibly diverse and enriching experience for which I am very grateful.

Kai Benjamin Eckes, Double Degree Student Mannheim – Queen's / Credit: Smith Business School

Thanks to the Double Degree program, I can optimally complement my scientifically sound management training at the University of Mannheim with the more practice-oriented teaching and extracurricular activities of Copenhagen Business School. Not only the focus on IT and information system management, but also the international network and the many new contacts, open up countless exciting opportunities for my professional future. On top of that, I have an incredibly inspiring time and I really enjoy my master’s in Mannheim and Copenhagen!

Mechthild Pieper, Double Degree Student Mannheim – CBS / Credit: MSD-Photography Fotostudio Köln

The double degree from Mannheim University and Queen’s University is the perfect combination to prepare me for a career in the finance industry. With theoretical focus, studying in Mannheim gave me a very solid knowledge on accounting and finance. While the teamwork approach at Queen’s gave me experience in working and coordinating in an international team. The flexibility of the double degree program also gave me the opportunities to take many internships to gain experience in Germany, which led to my full time job after graduation. I highly recommend this lifetime experience for future students.

Daniel Nguyen, Double Degree Student Queen's – Mannheim / Photo credit: Queen's University

At a glance

  • Duration of study: Four semesters (full time).
  • Course of study: Two or three semesters at the University of Mannheim and one or two semesters at the participating partner school, depending on the program.
  • Language: German and English, and possibly also the language of the host country (depending on your language skills).
  • Application: In the first semester (fall semester), until 30 September.
  • Fees: No tuition fees at the partner school; administrative fees may apply.

The benefits of a double degree

Personal development

Experience two different cultures and business school systems, and develop yourself personally as well as your intercultural competence.


Once you graduate, you are included in the alumni networks of both business schools. This not only increases your opportunities on the national job markets of both countries, but also internationally.

Professional expertise

Take advantage of the strengths of both business schools in the double degree program and broaden your academic and methodological horizon.

Which double degree program suits you best?

Choose from eight international programs.

Università Bocconi, Italy

The double degree program with the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy offers two areas of specialization: Accounting, Financial Management & Control and Marketing Management. Practical teaching approaches allow you to apply your knowledge in a targeted manner.

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for Bocconi students (Incomings)

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Study at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark’s leading university in the heart of Copenhagen. The program combines the MMM with the MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems. A strong affinity for IT management is required for this double degree program.

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for CBS students (Incomings)

ESSEC Business School, France

Students have been benefiting from the combination of extensive research in Mannheim and the strong practical relevance of the MSc in Management at the ESSEC Business School near Paris for more than 25 years. 

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for ESSEC students (Incomings)

LUISS Guido Carli, Italy

Choose from various electives and study at the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali in the heart of Rome. Besides the MMM degree, you will be awarded the Master in “Management” or “Strategic Management, Innovation and Sustainability” from LUISS. The double degree is offered within the framework of the “European University ENGAGE.EU" initiative. 

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for LUISS students (Incomings)

National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Gain invaluable insights into the characteristics of the Asian economy with the double degree program at the National Chengchi University in the modern city of Taipei. The International Master of Business Administration will strengthen your international profile and interlink two diverse cultural contexts.

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for NCCU students (Incomings)

Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

At the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, you will be awarded a second degree by one of the best universities for economics in Scandinavia. What is special about this program is that you can choose one of nine majors, thus creating your own study program and gaining expertise in a specific research field.

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for NHH students (Incomings)

Queen’s University, Canada

The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, is one of the leading Business Schools worldwide. The Master of International Business (MIB) is based in practice and complements the MMM perfectly. Project work in intercultural teams will serve as good preparation for an international career.

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for Queen’s students (Incomings)

University of South Carolina, USA

Opt for the Master of International Business at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, which is globally recognized as a leading institution in this field. The typical American campus in Columbia hosts 35,000 students from 105 nations, making your experience abroad truly international.

Information for Mannheim students (Outgoings)

Information for USC students (Incomings)

Coming to Mannheim for a double degree

Double degree students in Mannheim (Incomings)

We at the University of Mannheim are pleased to welcome international double degree students from our partner universities to the Mannheim Master in Management program in the fall semester. You will be selected and nominated for the double degree program by your local university. Your main contact in Mannheim is the Business School’s Double Degree Team and the Central International Office. We will contact you and send you all relevant information about studying and living in Mannheim in the spring before the commencement of your program in September.


Would you like to join one of our double degree programs? We look forward to receiving your application once you have been accepted to the Mannheim Master in Management program.

  • Your profile

    Applicants should be highly motivated and willing to think outside the box, both academically and culturally. Besides above average academic results and comprehensive language skills (English is mandatory, other languages a bonus), you should be able to demonstrate profound intercultural and social competences. Extracurricular activities and work experience will be advantageous.

    Further information about the prerequisites and selection criteria is available in the application guide.

  • How to apply

    Our detailed application guide describes step by step the required documents you need to hand in and explains the selection process and criteria of the double degree program:

    Application Guide 2023

    Students of the Mannheim Master in Management can apply only in their first semester.

    Application deadline: 30 September.

  • Selection

    The selection committee will first conduct a preselection and in a second step invite suitable candidates to an interview. More information on the selection process is available in the study regulation.

Further questions?

Our FAQs will help you answer some of your questions regarding our Double Degree Programs. For further information, please get in touch with the Double Degree Manager via e-mail or schedule a virtual appoinment.

We also recommend to attend the info session for double degree programs on September 4, 2023. The Business School will provide more information on this event on its homepage for first-year students.

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