The IBEA Study Option in the Bachelor's Program Business Administration

Study Around the Globe!

Three of eight semesters abroad – this is what the University of Mannheim offers you with the International Business Education Alliance, in short: IBEA, study option in the Bachelor's program in Business Administration. Apart from spending five regular semesters at the University of Mannheim, you will broaden your academic and intercultural competences at leading business schools in the US, Singapore and Brazil.

I not only grew as a person, but was also given opportunities I could have never imagined before. In IBEA, you constantly learn from inspiring and passionate people who push you to the next level.

Fabian Sinn, IBEA Student / Photo: private

The IBEA program gave me an international mindset, which allows me to develop and interpret criteria for business performance that are valid worldwide, and to implement them appropriately in various contexts.

Alena Romahn, IBEA Student / Photo: private

The IBEA program does not just enable me to attend some of the best schools on four continents. In my opinion, it is the unique intercultural exchange with students from all over the world and the incomparable international experience that help me grow personally and intellectually.

Lea Kloodt, IBEA Student / Photo: private

I would describe our cohort as a real team with a lot of respect and acceptance for each other. We have not only grown together and outgrown ourselves, but are also very closely connected as a group. It is a very fulfilling and confirming feeling that IBEA is a huge enrichment on a human level as well. Thanks to the strong, individual and dedicated personalities in the IBEA group, we learn from and with each other every day.


Lena Rudat, IBEA student / Photo: private

In the modern world and in view of the current political situation, it is essential that the leaders of our companies have a global mindset. IBEA encourages students to be inquisitive and to strive for international and practical experience, both curricular and extracurricular. This is an excellent basis for developing intercultural competencies and a global mindset. Participating in the IBEA program was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.

Marie Rebmann, IBEA Student / Photo: private

At a glance

Benefits of the IBEA study option

Professional expertise

All participating universities share the characteristic of offering world-class research and teaching. Learn about business in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

Practical relevance

You will work on projects in multicultural teams with international companies, and gain valuable insights into the corporate world.

Intercultural competence

Studying in an international group will improve your intercultural and social skills. You will also consider the sociopolitical and economic policy issues of each country in specially designed culture courses.

Personal development

Move out of your comfort zone towards independence. You will spend more than 18 months abroad and have to deal with visas, accommodation, etc. - with the support of the Mannheim and local IBEA teams.

Our IBEA partners

University of South Carolina, Columbia

The University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its international graduate programs for over 40 years. Its undergraduate/bachelor program in International Business has held first place in the U.S. News & World Report for more than 20 consecutive years. Around 35,000 students, representing 105 nations, benefit from the international atmosphere on the USC campus.

ESSEC Business School, Singapore

The ESSEC Business School, one of Europe’s leading business schools established in Paris in 1907, chose Singapore as a strategic location to expand its international presence and set up an Asia-Pacific campus. The economic dynamism of the city state, which is also a multicultural and educational hub, enables ESSEC to respond to the increasing demand for management training in Asia.

FGV EBAPE, Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV EBAPE) is considered the best school for business administration in Brazil. Its excellence is based on quality teaching and compelling academic research. The FGV EBAPE provides management training specific to the Brazilian context and is regarded as a major research center for groundbreaking concepts, methods and techniques in Brazilian corporate culture.

Program structure

Students in their second semester of the bachelor's program in Business Administration have the opportunity to apply for the IBEA study option. All IBEA students start the program in Mannheim in the fourth semester. They will then study together as an international cohort. They will travel to the University of South Carolina (USA) in the fifth semester, to the ESSEC Singapore campus in the sixth, and to the FGV EBAPE in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in the seventh. All students will return to their home universities to complete their studies before graduating in the eighth semester.

Students will receive the IBEA certificate after successfully completing the program.

For Mannheim students, the fifth semester will serve as the regular integrated semester abroad.

Detailed curriculum

The IBEA semester in Mannheim

A specifically designed course program is offered to the IBEA group at all locations.

You will take the culture course ISC 470 Business, Culture, and Society by lecturer Alexander Pfisterer in Mannheim. This will give you insights into the current economic situation in Germany and into Germany’s role within Europe. The course addresses economic, cultural, and social relationships.

The cohort-specific course TAX 470 Business and Corporate Taxation in Europe by Prof. Spengel, a leading expert in international taxation, describes Europe’s taxation system. This information will be subsequently applied to the corporate project in Mannheim: Students will spend six to eight weeks working on projects in multinational teams at EY in Stuttgart and PwC in Frankfurt, and will present them to the corporate partners.

Further course information is available in the module catalogue.

IBEA exchange students in Mannheim

We look forward to welcoming the international students from our partner universities – the University of South Carolina, ESSEC, and FGV – in the spring semester. You will be selected for the IBEA program by your home institution and nominated at our university. We will contact you in fall, before your semester in Mannheim, and provide you with the relevant information for your studies and life in Mannheim.

The university's Central International Office and our website for business exchange students  “Study in Mannheim – Incomings” provide further useful information for you.


Is the IBEA study option just right for you? We look forward to receiving your application, following your successful admission to our Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • Your profile

    Applicants should be motivated and prepared to broaden both, their academic and cultural horizon. Apart from above-average grades and comprehensive language skills (English is mandatory, other languages a bonus), you should demonstrate excellent intercultural and social skills. Extracurricular activities and practical experience will be advantageous.


  • How to apply

    Interested students enrolled in the bachelor's program in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim may apply during their second semester. The deadline for the application documents, which have to be handed in at the International Office, is 30 April.

    A detailed application instruction can be downloaded from the website of the International Office a few weeks before the application deadline. This step-by-step guide explains what you need to submit and comply with when applying for the IBEA study option.

    Application instructions


  • Selection

    The selection committee will shortlist suitable candidates who will then be invited to an interview.


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