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The B2M Bachelor-to-Master-Program

Studying globally within the B2M Network

As a Bachelor's graduate, continue your Master’s degree at a business school in the B2M network and benefit from the simplified admission process

Learning from other cultures and academic fields plays a key role in enabling managers to move confidently in an international environment. Business administration students with a degree from several international institutions internalize this ability at an early stage – a skill that is not only valued by future employers, but also serves as a significant preparation for future social and professional challenges.

B2M – Bachelor-to-Master: the B2M network would like to encourage bachelor's students of the participating business schools to pursue an international-oriented education and to encourage them to look for renowned master’s programs abroad, especially at the partner schools of the network. The network advises interested students on their questions about the application and guarantees their own students, by nominating them for the program, that they will be waived application fees or guaranteed admission to the personal interview selection rounds at the participating partner universities. For this purpose, if the application is successful, applicants receive a so-called “B2M Passport”. Students can enclose this document with their application for a master’s program at the schools within the network.

Every year, 20–30 Bachelor students can benefit from the recommendation by the B2M Passport. It can be issued for two of the five partner schools. This makes it easier for Mannheim students to access international master’s programs and additionally emphasizes and communicates the internationality of Mannheim students. Potential applicants, i.e. bachelor's students currently enrolled at the Business School of the University of Mannheim, can contact their program management team at any time if they have questions or require further information.

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The B2M Passport: Your Passport within the Network

Selected students receive a document (called the “B2M Passport”) from their respective program manager. This letter serves as a passport among the schools. Students can apply for the B2M Passport to their school by 31 December every year. 

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Application for the network's master’s courses

Selected students are allowed to apply through the B2M process to programs of a maximum of two member schools. Students must indicate their choice of university or master's program when applying to the two universities of their choice. In addition, the application deadlines and the application requirements of the respective institution must be met. The B2M passport holders apply online via the website of the schools of their choice within the network and provide the required documents. The B2M passport simplifies the admission procedures, which include specific processes for each institution (e.g. interviews, juries, etc.) and provides you with internal network advantages and support services.

Member Schools

Six leading business schools from three different continents have created the B2M network. These six founding members build their cooperation on a long-standing collaboration in different domains and on mutual trust. They do not only share the same values but also adhere to the highest standards in terms of academic and pedagogical quality. Founding Members of B2M (in alphabetical order):


I have successfully applied for the Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics at ESSEC Business School & CentraleSupélec. The application process was straightforward: there is an upload option for the B2M Passport in the application portal, and the costs for the application do not have to be paid. The program is very selective and I am sure that the B2M Passport contributed to ESSEC's admission. As an alumni, I am very pleased that the University of Mannheim is promoting such initiatives with other top universities.

Valentin Mäurer, Alumni Bachelor BWL an der Uni Mannheim / Credit: Valentin Mäurer
ESSEC Gebäude
ESSEC Business School


HKUST Business School Gebäude
HKUST Business School

Hong Kong, China

ie Business School Gebäude
IE Business School


Smith School of Business, Queen’s University


University of Mannheim Business School


Studierende auf der Wiese
Warwick Business School

United Kingdom

Your application for the B2M pass

  • Who can apply

    All students of the Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor in Economic and Business Education at the University of Mannheim who are about to graduate can apply. Participants in the Gap Year-program can also apply during the gap year.

  • How to apply

    You can apply for the B2M passport from 1 December until 31 (deadline) of each year. Please send your informal application, a recent transcript of records and a letter of motivation (max. 1 page) stating your two desired universities or the desired master’s programs by email to the course manager. You will find the contact at the end of this page.

    Please find an overview of all available master program´s of the Member Schools and further links in the B2M brochure below.

  • Receiving the B2M Passport

    The program manager will contact you personally by the end of January of each year and, if your application is successful, will issue you the B2M passport and send it to you by email.

    The passport is valid for two years and can still be submitted to B2M partners one year after issuance if there was a gap year in between that was demonstrably put to good use.



Antonia Fleischer, M.Sc.

Antonia Fleischer, M.Sc.

Program Manager & Manager International Affairs
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