The PERI Group, founded in 1969, is a worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems. In addition to the parent plant and headquarters in Weissenhorn near Ulm, Germany, more than 70 subsidiaries and over 160 logistics centers are operated

Experience report: internship at PERI Malaysia

During my internship I had the opportunity to get an insight in different areas of operations management at PERI Malaysia. My tasks in purchasing ranged from request for quotations from suppliers to list of price comparisons to creation and dispatch of purchase orders. And I was in constant contact with Malaysian suppliers. In the Demand Planning I created consumption analyses for different products, which will now serve as the basis for planning future purchase orders. In the area of order management I cretaed process recordings and participated in many meetings. Furthermore I got to know the installation sites and warehouses of PERI Malaysia. Hence I was not just in office but was able to familiarize myself with the stocks, products and operations.

For the internship I applied initially after I became aware of the company due to its high presence at the University of Mannheim. The family-owned company especially excited me because of its international orientation and the for me so far unknown construction industry. PERI offererd me internships in different subsidiary companies abroad. In the end I decided to go to PERI Malaysia due to the cultural diversity in Malaysia.

In Malayisa I was welcomed sincere from day one on. Malaysians are very open-minded and helpful. At PERI Malaysia it is not uncommon to spend time with your colleagues off-hours. Many of the colleagues meet regularly to play badminton, which is national sport of Malaysia, go out for a meal or go to the movies. So I did not have trouble to find connection and get to know the malaysian culture and the excellent malaysian cuisine. Periodically there was an organized lunch with all employees of PERI Malayisa to promote exchange between them.

The internship at PERI Malaysia offered me the opportunity to develop further not only professional but to collect extraordinary intercultural experiences at my working place. The time in Malaysia will be always remebered positively and i am very grateful that PERI offered me the chance to make this experience.