IS 512: IT Management in the Digital Age

Modern organizations are influenced and driven by information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) in various ways. As competition becomes borderless, organizations are forced to continually examine ways to operate more effectively and efficiently. Information technology and information systems are a crucial means of obtaining these goals in the digital Age. IT and IS are also key enablers of new products, services and processes. This course is designed for students who desire an insightful synopsis of IT management concepts and practices.
It is the objective of this course to offer profound insights into information systems and information technology management. Strategic and tactical issues are given more attention than operational aspects.

Learning outcomes
This course is designed for students who desire an insightful synopsis of IT management concepts and practices. After successfully completing the course, students should be able to
evaluate and initiate strategic IT initiatives, to organize (govern) the IT function, to understand the role of the Chief Information Officer in order to lead this function, to analyze, design and direct outsourcing as well as offshoring initiatives, and to control the IT function from a top management and risk management perspective. IT management issues will be discussed from a planning, leadership, governance, sourcing and controlling perspective.
Topics include:

  • Business / IT Alignment and Strategic IT Planning
  • Governance frameworks, IT (de-)centralization and the role of the CIO
  • The IT sourcing decision, hybrid arrangements, and offshoring
  • IT controlling and IT risk management.

Necessary prerequisites

Recommended prerequisites

Forms of teaching and learningContact hoursIndependent study time
Lecture2 SWS15 SWS
ECTS credits6
Graded yes
Form of assessmentWritten exam (60 min)
Restricted admissionyes
Further informationLimited to 80 participants.
Performing lecturer
Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl
Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl
Frequency of offeringSpring semester
Duration of module 1 semester
Range of applicationM.Sc. MMM, M.Sc. WiPäd, M.Sc. VWL, M.Sc. Wirt. Inf.
Preliminary course work
Program-specific Competency GoalsCG 1
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Course outline
  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: IT Returns and Impact
  • Case Study: e-Procurement at Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Section 3: IT Strategy Planning and Alignment
  • Case Study: Digitalization at Siemens
  • Section 4: IT Governance
  • Case Study: Information Technology and Innovation at Shinsei Bank
  • Section 5: IT Delivery – Outsourcing Options, Decision & Implementation
  • Case Study: IT Multi-Sourcing at adidas Group
  • Section 6: IT Delivery – Offshore Outsourcing
  • Case Study: Offshoring and Innovation at Globalco
  • Section 7: IT Controlling
  • Section 8: e-Procurement at Cathay Pacific Airways