Prof. Dr. Dirk Simons on current projects in the field of corporate disclosure behavior and transparency

Prof. Dr. Simons, Chair of Business Administration and Accounting, ist Principal Investigator of three TRR 266 projects.

Prof. Dr. Simons Prof. Dr. Simons searches as Principal Investigator of three TRR 266 projects for answers to the question: With whom should one share which information, when and why? Within this transparency research they discuss seemingly abstract models that nonetheless represent real consequences and can provide policymakers, companies and regulators with crucial information for their decision-making.

As one of the academic project leaders of the German Business Panel he aims to open the black box of firms to contribute to evidence-based and better regulation. Particularly small and medium-sized enterprises should receive more attention in research. For this purpose, the German Business Panel makes its anonymized data available to other researchers.

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