Award of the Sustainability Prize of the “Mannheimer Wirtschaftsförderung” for Students

On April 17, eight diverse, creative and future-oriented student works and projects were awarded the Sustainability Prize of the Mannheimer Wirtschaftsförderung for Students at the Green Garden Luisenpark.

As one of the model cities for the EU mission “100 climate-neutral and smart cities”, the city of Mannheim – an industrial and production location for numerous companies – has set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2030 under the guiding principle “Mannheim 2030” and, in the course of this, implementing the 17 global sustainability goals at the local level. 

Against this background, the Sustainability Award of the Mannheim Economic Development Agency is awarded to students. According to Mayor Michael Grötsch, science and research are important partners on the way to a climate-neutral city, which is why the approximately 30,000 students are to be involved in the city's transformation process. 

The Sustainability Award is endowed with 1000 euros per university. Two of the prize winners are students at the University of Mannheim. Congratulations to the former MMM student Nik Sachteleben (Master thesis “Enabling Circular Economy to Unfold its Potential – Development of a holistic impact meausurement model for circular economy”) and the current Culture and Economy master student  Miriam Wörner (Bachelor thesis “Wie nachhaltig ist Nachhaltigkeitskommunikation? Eine empirische Studie zur Wirkung ausgewählter Nachhaltigkeitskommunikationsstrategien auf die Unternehmensreputation”)!