Does Transparency Help to Tackle the Challenges Societies Are Facing Today?

The German Research Foundation extends the funding for the Collaborative Research Center TRR 266 “Accounting for Transparency”. The University of Mannheim is one of three universities which applied for funding. As part of the CRC 266, the German Business Panel (GBP), which is based in Mannheim, provides insights into company processes and opinions.

How can transparency support us in becoming a more sustainable society? And when does transparency become a problem? How can companies get through a crisis? And does transparency help to avoid accounting and tax scandals? These are important questions which the transregional Collaborative Research Center “TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency” tries to answer. The decision of the German Research Foundation to extend the funding of the Collaborative Research Center for an additional period of four years shows how relevant this field of research is. In 2019, the CRC was the first CRC with a focus on business administration. In July, the CRC will begin its second funding period. The funding volume will amount to approx. 18.7 million euros.         

An important requirement for answering the research questions were innovative data which also show decisions made in companies and provide an insight into the company black box. As part of the Collaborative Research Center 266, the German Business Panel has already established an important basis for these data during its first funding period. During the next four years, there will be even more insights into company processes and opinions. In addition to the data basis, a network and the exchange of ideas were essential – within the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) but also beyond.