Conference Publication

Conceptualization and Measurement of Individual-Level Transparency in Enterprise System Implementations

We are glad to announce that parts of recent research of our doctoral candidate Tobias Nisius were published in the proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems 2018. The paper was co-authored by Dr. Kai Spohrer (Assistant Professor with the Department of General Management and Information Systems), Prof. Dr. Hartmut Höhle (Chair of Enterprise Systems) and Prof. Dr. Alexander Benlian (Institute of Information Systems & E-Services at TU Darmstadt) and presented in December in San Francisco, USA.

Prior research on transparency through enterprise systems primarily focused on the organizational context and the perspective of the observer. Contrastingly, this paper presents a conceptualization of an individual’s perception of being transparent that is argued to have important consequences. We develop according measures following a ten-step procedure and include a substantial body of qualitative data in the process. Specifically, we draw from three cases encompassing three subsidiaries, 14 sites, and 52 interviews to develop our conceptualization of perceived transparency as a second order construct. In addition to insights from an extensive qualitative study, we present a longitudinal survey research design. We expect our findings to contribute to existing literature on transparency and large-scale enterprise systems implementation in providing clear measurement scales and integrating findings from research on transparency and privacy.