Reusable bowls for less packaging waste

Hungry and short on time? Students and employees like to take their meals from the Mensa to go. Since the beginning of January, the Studierendenwerk Mannheim has been offering reusable bowls as an alternative to disposable packaging – deposit-free via app.

As of now, students, employees and guests can take their food from the Mensa and the MensaWagon to go in the reusable bowls by the start up Vytal. The system is simple: first download the app, ask for a bowl when ordering, and then scan the personalized Vytal QR code at checkout or scan the bowl with your phone.

You have to return the bowl cleaned within 14 days to a return box located at all Vytal partner checkouts. The app does not need to be scanned to return the bowl, so also people without a QR code can return the bowl. The Vytal bowls are dishwasher safe. More information can be found on the Vytal website.

The Mensa to Go stations will remain in place for those who prefer to use their own containers.