New book published: Balancing the Tension between Digital Technologies and Learning Sciences

This volume focuses on the implications of digital technologies for educators and educational decision makers that is not widely represented in the literature. While there are many volumes on how one might integrate a particular technology, there are no volumes on how digital technologies can or should be exploited to address the needs and propel the benefits of large-scale teaching, learning and assessment.

Ifenthaler, D., Sampson, D. G., & Isaias, P. (Eds.). (2021). Balancing the tension between digital technologies and learning sciences. Cham: Springer.

  • Provides insight into the recent developments in learning technologies
  • Offers a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary depiction of current issues
  • Focuses both on technological and pedagogical aspects of learning in the digital age 
  • Includes contributions from leading scholars in the field

Educational technology is frequently associated with or even used interchangeably with Information Communication Technology (ICT), which indicates an oversimplified definition with a narrow focus on technology as a tool. What is often left out of the critical discourse in educational technology is the large body of knowledge from learning sciences. Still, the effectiveness of educational technology in improving learning and teaching remains the focus of rigorous research on educational technology.