Welcome to the fall semester 2020!

Important information for the courses offered by the Endowed Chair of Procurement

The team of the Endowed Chair of Procurement warmly welcomes all new and previous students to the new semester. We hope everyone is in good health and full of energy for the start of the fall semester. Together with you, we are committed to defying the limitations imposed by COVID-19 and to creating a great digital learning experience. More specifically, all courses will be delivered as digital live streams and the recordingswill be made available via the ILIAS learning platform. In addition, we offer several interesting guest speakers and an excursion (in OPM591).

So please see our teaching schedule for this semester and – most importantly – put the dates of the following introductory sessions in your diary:

In addition, if you are interested in writing your master thesis in collaboration with a company: We have just updated the list of our proposed master thesis topics including several topics with our partners SAP, Hilti, and CLAAS. Please see the list of current topics in our ILIAS group. SAP is also offering an interesting working student job – please consider applying!