Foreign Language Skills I: Current Topics


  • Development of a technical vocabulary with an emphasis on economy and politics
  • Basic principles of research, processing and evaluation of news
  • Contextualizing of selected aspects of the contents taught in the economic lectures
  • Provision of regional topics
  • Encouragement of listening and reading comprehension as well as oral and written capability of expression

Learning outcomes
Students acquire apart from the competent handling with different news media the critical treatment of current topics from the fields of politics, society and economy. This includes research according to basic scientific rules and the comparison of different sources, as well as the critical examination with varying approaches and culturally coined views. Apart from the acquisition of technical economic vocabulary, the goal of this seminar is the fortification of the communicative competencies and language skills in their respective contexts.

Necessary prerequisites

Recommended prerequisites

Forms of teaching and learningContact hoursIndependent study time
Exercise class2 SWS4 SWS
ECTS credits2
Graded yes
Form of assessmentWritten and/or oral exam, also where appropriate a paper. The examiner will determine the exact form in accordance with the requirements of the module element.
Restricted admissionyes
Further informationStudent Portal
Performing lecturer
Christiane Koch
Linh Thlang
Linh Thlang, Christiane Koch
Frequency of offeringSpring semester & fall semester
Duration of module 1 semester
Range of applicationB.Sc. Bus. Adm.
Preliminary course work
Program-specific Competency GoalsCG 3