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Focus on the Far East: Japanese in Business Administration Studies

Learning Japanese in the Bachelor's Program Business Administration

The Business School offers the elective “Japanese” in the Foreign Language Skills module. Both advanced speakers as well as beginners are taught in small groups. In this way, they benefit from intensive and individual support. Japanese characters (Kana/Kanji), grammar, conversations, reading and listening comprehension as well as regional studies are on the agenda. Japanese I/II (respectively six hours per week during the semester) are offered in the second and third semester each. To prepare for a semester abroad in Japan, a voluntary preparation course (two hours per week during the semester) is offered. 

Based on a personal interview with participants who have previous knowledge, the teaching staff will determine the content of the course. In this way, different language levels and experiences abroad in Japan can be taken into account individually. In the past, for example, the following courses have been offered:

  • Japanese academic writing
  • Newspaper articles and technical texts
  • Translation course German-Japanese

Afterwards, use the opportunity to spend your semester abroad in Japan. A study visit in the Japanese-speaking region allows you to improve your language skills and at the same time experience the culture first-hand. In order to support you, we offer a voluntary preparation course for a semester abroad in Japan in the fourth semester.

What our students say


I have chosen the language option Japanese because I find both the Japanese culture as well as the language fascinating. Moreover, I have gotten to know more about the mentality of Japanese people. Despite the high expenditure of time required when studying this demanding language, it is worthwhile: I am acquiring an important competency which can be useful to me in a professional context. Furthermore, I want to spend my semester abroad in Japan. Knowledge of the language will hopefully help me communicate in daily life and make it easier to develop friendships with Japanese people.

Dominika Lech, Student Bachelor Business Administration / Credit: Rike Allendörfer

After a year of Work & Travel in Japan, the Foreign Language Skills elective Japanese offers me a fantastic opportunity to further expand my language skills and to strengthen my intercultural competencies. As there are different courses for different language levels, I was able to learn Business Japanese, which will surely help me not only in my future profession, but also on a personal level in communicating with native speakers and which prepares me for my aspired international career. In class, there is a strong focus on language skills, but knowledge of Asia is also being taught.

Frederik Ciupek, Student Bachelor Business Administration / Credit: Rike Allendörfer

Foreign Language Skills Japanese: Procedure

  • Required skills

    In the first semester of the Bachelor's program, all students choose a foreign language which they deepen in the second and third semester. A language test is carried out for the assessment and admission to the desired course, based on the existing language proficiency.

    The number of participants in the language courses – except for English – is generally limited. The allocation is carried out based on test results. A test will be conducted during the first semester in order to determine whether applicants without any previous knowledge are ready for the study of Japanese, and to assess the language level of those with previous knowledge. In the test for beginners, the motivation for the language study and the interest in Japanese culture and society will be assessed. The test determines who will be admitted to the beginner's Japanese course. No previous knowledge is required for the Japanese language option. An additional course offer in the fourth semester ensures that all students have acquired solid language skills after completing their studies.

  • How to apply

    During the first Bachelor's semester you will get information about all the options in the module “Foreign Language Skills”. The election of a language takes places immediately afterwards (via Portal 2).


  • Study plan

Our partner universities in Japan

Ryoko Aoyagi

Ryoko Aoyagi

Lecturer for Japanese
University of Mannheim
Dean's Office of the Business School
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68161 Mannheim
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