Course Offer Fall Term 2020

Information about courses offered by the Chair of Business Administration, Public & Nonprofit Management this fall term 2020

Dear students,

you can now register for our courses in the fall term 2020. These are 100% remote, with synchronous and asynchronous elements.

A short overview:

(1) Lecture with tutorial MAN 679 “A Scientific Introduction into Public and Nonprofit Management” with Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmig and research assistants Moritz Motyka and Martin Sievert (in German). In this course we will introduce the research fields public and nonprofit management based on the current scientific literature. This introductory course fosters an understanding of the public and nonprofit sector and focusses on  different management functions (e.g. governance, human resource management, marketing, etc.). Registration via the portal².

(2) The Seminar MAN 675 “Selected Challenges in Nonprofit Management Focus topic: Fundraising” (in English): In this seminar you will learn about the current developments in the financing and fundraising of nonprofit organizations using scientific literature. A wide range of topics will be discussed: Individual funding motives, online and offline funding mechanisms, venture philanthropy, foundation activities, and the overall role of ethics in fundraising. Registration via the portal².

(3) The MAN 710 research seminar this fall term (in German): The seminar's focus is on “Shared Value Creation in Social Start-Ups”, i.e. on value creation in social organizations with tensions between the social mission and an economic imperative. During the seminar you will conduct your own empirical case study. Registration deadline is September 25th, 2020 via email to Dr. Benedikt Englert (b.englert A parallel enrollment in our 600 modules is possible.

More information about our courses can be found on our website:

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