Dr. Dominik Wielgos Receives Südwestmetall Award for Early-Stage Researchers

The researcher at the University of Mannheim receives the award for his dissertation on digital transformation and corporate success.

The 30-year old researcher is one of nine early-stage researchers from Baden-Württemberg to be given the award of the employers’ association Südwestmetall. Wielgos received the award on Wednesday during a virtual event. He was honored for his dissertation with the title “Digitale Transformation und Unternehmenserfolg – Eine branchenübergreifende empirische Untersuchung zu Konzeption, Messung und Wirkung organisationaler Kompetenzen“ which is an empirical cross-sectoral study on conceptualizing, measuring and assessing the effects of organizational competencies. Wielgos is researcher at the chair of Business-to-Business Marketing, Sales & Pricing, held by Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Christian Homburg.

In his dissertation, Wielgos looks at managing digital transformation which is an important topic for many companies right now. He has developed, inter alia, an instrument to measure a company’s digital competencies which companies in various sectors can directly use as an indicator of their digital development. Managers can use this tool to determine the digital development level of their business and to identify potential for improvements. In addition, Wielgos’s study results show that digital competencies significantly contribute to increasing a company’s profitability.

About the Südwestmetall Award
With the award, Südwestmetall has been honoring outstanding achievements of early-stage researchers at Baden-Württemberg’s nine universities for more than 30 years. The award is worth 5,000 euros and honors academic papers that are of significance for the industry or its socio-political parameters. Each year, one researcher from each of the universities receives the award, based on the university’s recommendation.