Gender Pay Gap – Prof. Dr. Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi in Stepstone Magazine

Stepstone Magazine reports on “Gender Pay Gap 2023: How big is the gender pay gap in Germany?” and interviews Prof. Dr. Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi. The article deals with the question of why women still earn less than men and what needs to change in society to even out the differences.

The calculation of the unadjusted gender pay gap from the StepStone Salary Report 2023 shows that women earn 13.06 percent less in gross salary than men every year. According to Prof. Niessen-Ruenzi, the main reasons for this are that women are more likely to work in low-paid jobs and often reduce their working hours when they become mothers. Prof. Niessen-Ruenzi also emphasizes that although the gender pay gap has narrowed since the 1980s, it has only decreased very slowly in recent years. Among other things, she attributes this tendency towards stagnation to structural deficits and social stigmas regarding childcare. Employers could also make it easier for parents, for example through flexible home office arrangements.
Read the article here. [available in German]