Joachim Lutz new Dean of the Business School

The former CEO of CropEnergies AG and University of Mannheim Alumnus has taken over the office as of October 1.

Joachim Lutz is the third former member of the Executive Board of a corporation to assume the office of Dean of the Business School at the University of Mannheim. The 63-year-old is closely bound to Mannheim through his business studies, his 36-year career in various sectors of the private economy and since 2006 as founding chairman of the Südzucker subsidiary CropEnergies. With the appointment of Joachim Lutz, the Business School will once again be led by a full-time Dean, who has no obligations in research and teaching and can concentrate entirely on the management tasks at the School.

Joachim Lutz is highly motivated to take on the task of advancing the Business School: " Mannheim has an excellent reputation within Germany, but especially as Germany's number one Business School, the further development of our research and teaching is of the utmost importance, also with regard to current issues in corporate management. I also see it as an exciting challenge to make the Business School even more visible outside Germany and to strengthen it in international competition”.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl, President of the University of Mannheim: “I am very pleased that we were able to win Joachim Lutz as full-time Dean of our Business School. Thanks to his many years of management experience – most recently as CFO and CEO of a successful Mannheim-based company – he has the expertise needed to make Mannheim's Business Administration even more internationally competitive in research and teaching. In addition, Joachim Lutz is deeply connected to the University of Mannheim as an Alumnus. These are ideal starting conditions for good cooperation within the University and a successful further sharpening of the Business School's profile.

Dean Lutz wants to support the Business School in continuously improving the skills and career opportunities of students with practice-oriented programs and innovative teaching concepts. A lively exchange with practice is therefore on his agenda from the very beginning. Furthermore, it is his goal to bring the quality of Mannheim's Business Administration to the outside world and to attract the best students and researchers from Germany and abroad. Lutz sees the wide range of courses on offer as a great source of strength for Mannheim's business administration. “From the Bachelor’s degree to the (E)MBAs at Mannheim Business School, our organizational umbrella for further management education offers a high-quality study program for every level of education,” states Lutz.