New Assistant Professorship of E-Business and E-Government

Kevin Bauer is new assistant professor of “E-Business and E-Government”

We are pleased to welcome Kevin Bauer as a new assistant professor of “E-Business and E-Government” to the Faculty of Business Administration as of 1 January 2023. Prof. Bauer was officially welcomed by Dean Joachim Lutz in the Dean's Office.

Kevin Bauer previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Leibniz SAFE (Goethe University Frankfurt) in the research group Digitalisation in the Financial Industry. He also joined TechQuartier as an AI specialist after completing his PhD, where he continues to work as an external consultant on AI-related topics. He successfully completed his bachelor's degree and two master's programmes (in Law and Quantitative Economics and Business Informatics) at Goethe University Frankfurt, and also completed his PhD there in Microeconomics in 2018. He spent part of his PhD as a visiting researcher at the University of Michigan.

“I am very much looking forward to my new task here in Mannheim. Developments in the field of artificial intelligence are leading to people interacting with modern machines on a daily basis and to lasting changes in social and economic processes. I am particularly interested in introducing Mannheim students to the topics in the field of human-machine interaction and in contributing to gaining knowledge in this field through my research.” says Bauer.

Prof. Bauer's main research areas include economics of artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, as well as game theory and digital economics.

Bachelor students can look forward to the course Machine Learning for Management Decisions from the upcoming semester.

More information about Prof. Bauer can be found on his chair page.